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Readers Respond: Can Yahoo Messenger Stand as a Skype Alternative for Voice Calls?

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From the article: Yahoo Voice vs. Skype
Both Yahoo Messenger and Skype are very common and both have had recent releases of new versions. Also, both offer text chat and voice and video calls. But can Yahoo stand as a serious Skype alternative for voice and video communication? Do you prefer Yahoo or Skype? Which one is best for which use? Share your views and opinions.

Skype vs. Yahoo

I have been a long time user of both Skype and Yahoo! Messenger and both have been pretty reliable. Skype has good audio and video quality, while I have noticed with Yahoo Messenger that the audio sounds like it skips or the audio stops for a second or two, making the person's speech sound like it does not make sense (like when a cell phone call cuts out). I like Yahoo for the free text messaging feature, whereas with Skype, you have to buy credits. All in all, I think both messengers are pretty good, but I personally prefer Skype.
—Guest clutchxp

Skype sucks

during call, both are more or less same in quality. But when it comes to text chatting skype lies faaaar behind yahoo messenger. Skype updates the contact's status very slowly. You have to send a dummy message to a contact to check if he is online or not.. etc. I prefer yahoo messenger. Skype is nothing, just a ................
—Guest Aqeel

Skype Vs. Yahoo Messenger

Skype has better video, shows more motion. Yahoo is a little cheaper since they don't charge a connection fee per call as Skype does. Both get the job done. Not a hell of a lot of difference. I use Yahoo to call land telephones in Italy. It is cheaper than Skype but not by much. Both are good vehicles, neither is perfect. Been using internet telephony since the 90's, it keeps getting better and better.
—Guest Garuccio

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