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One Number To Ring You Worldwide

...and for life. Being accessible everywhere you go is a headache, and is expensive for both you and your contacts. Watch out for iNum, a new service that is out to implement the global village concept with voice calls and other services.

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Skype for the Classroom - Innovative Tool for Teachers

Monday March 31, 2014

New curriculums in education have in perspective the extension of classes beyond the four walls of the classroom. This implies more exposure of students to other fields and other environments. Skype opens a window through the wall, a window to the world and to other students around the globe. Skype in the Classroom allows teachers to make their students collaborate with other remote students, to have have them meet experts, and to have them make virtual tours while being in the classroom. Read more


Microsoft Office for iPad, iPhone and Android Launched

Monday March 31, 2014
Microsoft Office already exists for the iPhone, and has to be optimized for the larger screen of the iPad and Android tablets. Instead of doing that, Microsoft has reworked its Office suite for mobile platforms from scratch and brought a cloud-based solution for the iPad, iPhone and Android phones and tablets. The app now has the same look and feel of the Office suite programs running on computers. It is free for home use and premium plans are required for business use. Here are the links for the Ms Office iOS app and the Android app.

Two things While Choosing an ISP

Monday March 31, 2014
The use of VoIP heavily depends on Internet connectivity which in turns required an ISP. Two of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing an ISP are security and ownership. Your ISP constantly operates in a threat environment; does it protect you from it? And then, does your ISP own the network or do they buy bandwidth from other operators and resell? Read more

App to Record Skype Audio Calls

Monday March 31, 2014
Callburner is an app that allows you to record your Skype audio calls. It does not record video, and records the audio for free only for Skype-Skype calls. Recording Skype-in and Skype-Out calls requires a license which costs around $50. This being quite expensive, at least to my taste, the free service is quite interesting, as it has no limits. It records in good audio quality, with possiblity to save in different format including mp3 and wav and also records conference calls.

You have to download and install the app on your computer that runs Skype. Note that the download page asks for your names and email address, with a checked option to send you updates and stuff. You know what all this means, and if you are not at ease with it, look down and you'll see a link where there is direct download without having to enter all these information. Link

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