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What Are the Requirements For Being Able to Communicate Using Skype?


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Question: What Are the Requirements For Being Able to Communicate Using Skype?
Using Skype is a good first step to experiencing some of the great advantages of Voice over IP. Before being able to make and receive calls on Skype, you will need the following:
  • A computer that is fast enough to run the Skype application and to handle the calls. You might also want to use Skype on your mobile phone, which changes the whole set of requirements. Your PC requirements are quite minimal since Skype isn't that bulky, relatively.
  • A decent Internet connection, with sufficient bandwidth. Even though broadband is recommended for high quality voice, a simple dial-up connection of around 64 kbps will work for voice calls. However, around 400 kbps will be needed for video calls.
  • Audio devices, that is a hearing device and a microphone, in whichever presentation you wish. Some are better than others, and there are special headphones and desk phones adapted for VoIP calls and Skype calls. For video calls, you will need a web camera.
  • An operating system of a version that is supported by Skype. All current Windows versions are supported, as well as Mac. You need to check for the Linux versions that are supported. As for mobile phones, check whether your phone model is supported.
  • The Skype application, which you can download from Skype and install on your computer.
  • A Skype account. You need to register with Skype and have an account with a user name and password that you will enter each time you log in to your account, on your application.
  • Skype credits. Ok, Skype calls are completely free worldwide, but only if you are communicating with someone using Skype, just like you, over an Internet connection. If you want to use Skype to call someone on their mobile or landline phone, then you will need some prepaid credit on your account, because calls to non-Skype numbers are not free, though cheap.
  • Skype buddies. Once you get all the above set, you will need some people on the other end of the line to talk to. Ask your friends for their Skype IDs, or simply search for them from among the half-a-billion users using the Skype search tool.
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