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Skype - Major Features


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This article will help you figure out quickly what you can get out of Skype and maybe change the way you use it, or even start using it. Here is a brief overview of Skype’s features, categorized in several groups, each containing numerous features:

Make calls

You can call using

  • contact names (select the contact and click dial)
  • the dial pad (dial a number using the softphone interface)
  • received calls (select the contact who called and call back with automatic dialing)

Receive calls

  • Accept or reject a call
  • View caller’s profile
  • Accept or reject an authorization for another to see your profile
  • Block calls from unknown or unwanted callers

Manage contacts

  • Search for contacts (here is where you can meet people and make new friends)
  • View contacts and edit their profiles
  • Start a conference call
  • Add to participants to a conference call or remove them from it
  • Start a video call
  • Start a call within an IM (chat) session
  • View call list


  • record a personal greeting in your own voice
  • send a voice message (to any person without ringing her)
  • listen to voicemails that people have sent you
  • delete voice mails from your inbox

Set your preferences

  • Change your online status (say whether you are available or not, and how)
  • Set your privacy settings to specify who can and who can’t contact you
  • Configure notifications specifying how you want Skype to notify you about an event
  • Configure sound and video alerts and other settings
  • Configure your voicemail settings
  • Create hotkeys (shortcuts for basic tasks)

Chat or use IM (Instant Messaging)

  • Start a chat session, in private or with a group
  • Respond to an instant message (which has been sent while you were offline)
  • Start a new chat topic and invite people to it
  • Bookmark a chat session (keep the session open and use it over a long period of time)
  • View and clear your chat history

Share files

  • Send one file or multiple files to an individual or a group
  • Drag and drop files to contacts list
  • Drag and drop files to a chat session (and it will be transferred to the people you are chatting with)
  • Accept files from a person
  • Block all file transfers

Manage your profile

  • Manage your public profile
  • Manage your private (hidden) profile (including your email address)
  • Show your local time
  • Add a picture to your profile (so others can link a face to a name)
  • Create other Skype accounts
  • Import contacts from other accounts

Manage your account

View account records (numbers called, financial transactions, downloads, free gifts etc.)

Configure your account settings

(See the e-mail address you registered; and change your password, registered e-mail address, and displayed currency format).
  • Purchase Skype credit
  • Purchase SkypeIn subscription
  • Purchase voicemail
  • Redeem vouchers
  • Purchase accessories
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