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Skype - Major Features


This article will help you figure out quickly what you can get out of Skype and maybe change the way you use it, or even start using it. Here is a brief overview of Skype’s features, categorized in several groups, each containing numerous features:

Make calls

You can call using

  • contact names (select the contact and click dial)
  • the dial pad (dial a number using the softphone interface)
  • received calls (select the contact who called and call back with automatic dialing)

Receive calls

  • Accept or reject a call
  • View caller’s profile
  • Accept or reject an authorization for another to see your profile
  • Block calls from unknown or unwanted callers

Manage contacts

  • Search for contacts (here is where you can meet people and make new friends)
  • View contacts and edit their profiles
  • Start a conference call
  • Add to participants to a conference call or remove them from it
  • Start a video call
  • Start a call within an IM (chat) session
  • View call list


  • record a personal greeting in your own voice
  • send a voice message (to any person without ringing her)
  • listen to voicemails that people have sent you
  • delete voice mails from your inbox

Set your preferences

  • Change your online status (say whether you are available or not, and how)
  • Set your privacy settings to specify who can and who can’t contact you
  • Configure notifications specifying how you want Skype to notify you about an event
  • Configure sound and video alerts and other settings
  • Configure your voicemail settings
  • Create hotkeys (shortcuts for basic tasks)

Chat or use IM (Instant Messaging)

  • Start a chat session, in private or with a group
  • Respond to an instant message (which has been sent while you were offline)
  • Start a new chat topic and invite people to it
  • Bookmark a chat session (keep the session open and use it over a long period of time)
  • View and clear your chat history

Share files

  • Send one file or multiple files to an individual or a group
  • Drag and drop files to contacts list
  • Drag and drop files to a chat session (and it will be transferred to the people you are chatting with)
  • Accept files from a person
  • Block all file transfers

Manage your profile

  • Manage your public profile
  • Manage your private (hidden) profile (including your email address)
  • Show your local time
  • Add a picture to your profile (so others can link a face to a name)
  • Create other Skype accounts
  • Import contacts from other accounts

Manage your account

View account records (numbers called, financial transactions, downloads, free gifts etc.)

Configure your account settings

(See the e-mail address you registered; and change your password, registered e-mail address, and displayed currency format).
  • Purchase Skype credit
  • Purchase SkypeIn subscription
  • Purchase voicemail
  • Redeem vouchers
  • Purchase accessories
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