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Estimate Your Data Usage – Data Calculators


Before engaging on a data plan for your smartphone or mobile device, make sure you choose the right package. You don’t want to always go beyond your monthly data limit and end paying a lot more due to wrong planning. You also don’t want to pay for a plan that offers too much data for you. Data calculators online are here to help you estimate your data usage for a month and choose the data plan that suits you. As most calculators don’t add VoIP as an item, consider estimate VoIP’s usage if you will use it. So, here is a list of data calculators.

1. AT&T Calculator

Provides sliders for selecting quantities. Allows setting data usage per month and per day for each item. VoIP not included in the list.

2. Verizon Wireless Calculator

More advanced than AT&T’s calculator, mainly because Verizon has a richer data service, with 3G and 4G for mobile and broadband. It allows up to 10 GB usage, and also includes values for 3G VoIP with video.

3. T-Mobile Calculator

This calculator is less technical and more human. Instead of digits and geeky words, you see questions on, like, whether you stream videos or play games. Good for starters.

4. Rogers Data Calculator

The calculator itself is like that of AT&T but before landing on it, you have to select which kind of device you use, probably tailored according to what Rogers offers as data plans.

5. Vodafone Data Calculator

This too is more human, but with some more precision requested from the user compared to T-Mobile’s. It is question-based, but your answers are in numbers.
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