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Apps for Free Video Chat on Your Computer


There are apps and services that allow you to make completely free video calls and video chat sessions on your desktop or laptop computer. You first need to have a DSL line with sufficient bandwidth for video communication, a webcam, audio input and output devices (or a headset), and more importantly a video calling app behind which there is a service that allows free video calls. Here is a list of the top apps you can use.

1. Skype

Logo of Skype Technologies (a division of Microsoft) and of the Skype software
The file was uploaded on the English Wikipedia by user AxG on September 3, 2012./Microsoft Corporation/Public Domain
Skype is the most popular app for voice and video calling. It is available for all platforms and is very easy to use. The calls are free within the network, but with nearly a billion registered users, you are sure to catch a buddy on Skype. The call quality is not bad.

2. Google Video Chat

Like Gmail calling, Google Video Chat integrates a video chatting interface inside your mailbox. You can then select your contact and initiate a video call with them. It is seamless and very easy to operate once you have installed the plugin needed on your machine. You can do that on Windows, Mac and Linux.

3. Facetime

Facetime offers excellent video quality with a very simple and easy-to-use interface. The main problem with it is that it works exclusively on Apple’s operating systems and devices – Mac OS, iPhone, iPad and iPod. It does not even interact with other networks like Skype.

4. ooVoo

The strong point with ooVoo is that it allows you to have video conversations with up to 12 participants at a time. It also has a whole lot of other features, including integration with other platforms, integration with Facebook and Twitter users. It even allows you to have video chat sessions with them even if they don’t have the app installed on their machines. It does that through the web interface app.

5. Ekiga

I entered Ekiga into this list for Linux users, because it is a video chatting app for all distributions of Linux. But you also have a version for Windows. It has a clean and simple interface with the possibility of voice calls and text chatting.

6. Nimbuzz

Having gone past the past of 100 million users, Nimbuzz is a service that has many products and features. It has a version for many types of machine, including smartphones and Windows and Mac computers. It also offers free text messaging and voice calling.
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