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International Phone Calls Through a Click

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The Bottom Line

FriendCaller, a product of C2Call.com, is a German VoIP service that allows you to make Internet phone calls through your computer by simply clicking on a link in your browser. It is handy for people who don't want to install softphone applications normally associated with VoIP service. Such a tool is interesting for social networking sites like Facebook.


  • Browser-based, no need to install software application
  • Works on all common platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux etc.
  • Cheap international rates
  • Uses P2P network, which gives good voice quality


  • Does not support mobile calling, except for the iPhone
  • Lacks the features of a full-fledged softphone-based VoIP service


  • Click-to-Call service
  • Browser-based, no need for softphone installation
  • Works on all common operating systems
  • Java-based
  • Has an iPhone application
  • Suitable for social networking

Guide Review - International Phone Calls Through a Click

Communicating through FriendCaller, you can send a 'Call Me' link to anybody via email, IM or post the link in a blog. The receiver can just open the link where they would get a call widget and use it to call you. The interesting part is that they neither have to be using the same VoIP service as you, nor do they have to sign up with the service.

The thing I find most interesting with services like FriendCaller is that it does not require the user to download and install any softphone application. FriendCaller is Java-based, which allows it to be embedded into browsers. This also allows it to be used of different platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux.

On the other hand, this feature deprives the service from the numerous features that other application-based services offer in the softphones. Power users, those that make a lot of calls and use advanced features might find it too limited. FriendCaller uses pure P2P for voice transmission, which is rather good for voice quality.

All calls that do not terminate in a phone network are free. Else, the calls are relatively cheap, among the cheapest, with 2 dollar cents for common destination like the US and the UK. If you want to compare that with Skype's rates, it means lower than half price.

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