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Internet Phone for Free Voice and Video Calls

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FriendCaller is an integratred Internet phone (VoIP) solution that fits many types of users and allows voice and video calls in many ways. It has a Call-Me button offered for free upon registration. It has apps for the browser, for Facebook integration, for mobile phones and for SIP devices. Calls are free within the network, which has above 10 million users, and are pad at VoIP rates for calls to landline and mobile phones.

Instead of a desktop app to download and install, FriendCaller offers desktop users a browser phone that runs when they log in their account. This does away with compatibility issues as all operating systems and all common browsers are included. This also means that you can use your service anywhere on any computer, given of course that the computer has the necessary hardware for voice and video communication, which would simply means a headset and a web cam respectively.

FriendCaller allows you to get a real phone number of your choice at $1 per month. This could have been offered free of charge as do some other services. This service is available only for US residents as of this writing.

For mobile users, there are apps for Android devices, the iPhone, iPad and other iOS models, for BlackBerry and Nokia. You can also use FriendCaller using your SIP phone, either hardware or software. The FrienCaller app can also be integrated within Facebook. You can log in to FriendCaller using your Facebook account, which then allows you to import and sync all your Facebook contacts . You can share messages and photos on the wall.

What does FriendCaller cost? Nothing if you make calls within the network, that is to other FriendCaller users who are using their FriendCaller app whether in a browser or on a mobile phone. However, like is the case with most VoIP services, calls made to other landline and mobile phones are paid. The rates are not the cheapest on the market, but they are much better than what traditional telephony charges.

This app offers video conferencing with up to 7 participants for free. This is a huge advantage over other products like Skype, which offers only one to one video communication for free. There are only a handful of apps out ther that offer multi-party video conferencing for free.

Text messaging is free over the network, but it costs around 5 cents on average for over 400 locations. Now that’s more expensive than a minute of voice call to the most common destinations. FreindCaller also allows you to send and receive multimedia messages (MMS). There is an interface to enter and verify your mobile phone number, which will be shown along with messages, as no one wants anonymous text messages.

The FriendCaller app on the different mobile platforms allows you to communicate usingi Wi-Fi and 3G. Include the data plan cost in your cost calculations.

On a more technical side, FriendCaller uses P2P, like Skype does, for the voice and video calls. In order for it to be able to run in all browsers, Java technology is used as it is cross-platform.

You can download the app for the iPhone from this link, and for Android on this link. Note that you may choose whether to have voice and video integrated. If you don’t want video, you can choose the voice client only.

Users of the FriendCaller Webphone and FriendCaller Video Chat for Apple iOS and Android-based smart phones and tablets can add call credits to their accounts and call out to the telephone networks of more than 400 countries and territories worldwide. Most phone numbers for popular destinations in North America, Europe and Asia can be called for only 2 cents per minute. Calls are charged by the minute, and no additional “connection fee” or “call set-up fees” apply.

FriendCaller does not interact with other IM services and apps - you cannot use your AIM, Fring, HeyWire, Google Talk, iCall, MeeBo, Nimbuzz, Skype, Truphone, TextFree, TextNow or other services' account with FriendCaller.

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