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How to Make HD Skype Video Calls


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You want to get the high quality, high definition, crisp, clear and lively video quality as shown on Skype’s website when making video calls. This is possible through Skype HD video. To achieve that, you need to make sure of the following.

  • Get a HD webcam
  • . The integrated webcam on your laptop computer, or the small egg-shaped one tuck on your desktop screen or sitting on your desktop will not give you HD quality if they are not HD webcams. You need to buy a special HD web cam with specifications for high quality video. Check this list for HD webcams.
  • Have enough bandwidth
  • . You need a good Internet connection for the HD video call to take place. Your connection needs to be fast enough to carry the bulky high quality video frames. Read more on how much bandwidth you require for Skype HD video.
  • Download and upgrade to the latest Skype version
  • . The latest version of Skype has the best mechanism for HD video. So upgrade. Here are guidelines on where to download Skype from.
  • Be in a well-lit area
  • . Light plays a capital role in image quality, both for picture and for video. You need to be showered by ample light. The brighter your environment, the clearer your video will be. Same applies to your correspondent.
  • Talk to HD-Ready Correspondents
  • . You may have all of the above, but if you Skype buddy is still running on low resources and using old equipment, you are no better off. Both sides should be groomed for HD.
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