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Using VoIP on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

VoIP Apps that Allow You to Make Free Calls or Cheap Calls on Your Galaxy Tab


There are already many applications that allow you to make free calls or cheap calls through VoIP on an Android device. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is not like any Android device. It is not a smartphone but a tablet PC. So, since it is out of the ‘phone’ category, it needs some special applications for voice and video applications. Below is a list of some applications that allow you to make free/cheap voice and video calls on your Samsung Galaxy Tab, either on a personal or corporate basis.

1. Qik Video Connect

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Qik is a product from Skype. It allows you to make video calls on your Galaxy Tab using your 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection. It works like Skype. Download the application, install, and register online for a new account. Then, you can make video chat session and even share videos.

2. Google Voice

Google Voice does not require to be presented. It gives you a phone number, the ability to take calls on a number of devices and also allows free calls. Read more on Google Voice here.

3. FriendCaller

FriendCaller is an app that allows you to make free calls to other FriendCaller buddies using your 3G/4G/Wi-Fi connection. You don’t even need a subscription to use the service and the app, you can simply use your email address or your Facebook ID. Like most VoIP apps, calls to other phones are charged cheap.

4. ooVoo

ooVoo Video Calls lets you hold free video sessions of up to 5 persons on your Samsung Galaxy Tab. Voice calls are also free within the network, like most other VoIP services. The calls are made over your 3G/4G/Wi-Fi connection.

5. ZVRS Z4 Mobile App

This application turns your Samsung Galaxy Tab into a mobile video calling device, which allows you to make voice and video calls on the move.

6. Cisco Jabber

This Cisco application turns your Galaxy Tab into a full-fledge IP Phone. However, it will be of use to you only if you use it within your company’s Cisco Unified Communications Manager system.
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