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Smartphone Glossary


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Definition: A smartphone is a mobile phone with added features that make it ‘smarter’. This means that apart from being able to make calls using the phone, you have features that a PDA or a computer can offer, like the following:
  • It has a more elaborate and user-friendly operating systems, allowing smarter input, like with touch screens.
  • The hardware improves the interface as well, e.g. full QWERTY keyboard, larger screen etc.
  • Numerous applications software and productivity software can run on the smartphone , e.g. word processors, spreadsheets, organizers, mailers, browsers etc.
  • It is equipped with enhanced multimedia features. Smartphones allow you to take and view pictures and video in many formats. A smartphone has one or two cameras.
  • Multiple connectivity possibilities. A smartphone does not doesn’t use solely GSM to connect to the world, but also brings you the Internet through 3G, Wi-Fi and even WiMax connections. A smartphone also easily connects into a LAN.
  • Data transfer to and from computers and other devices, either simply through USB cables or Bluetooth adapters.

VoIP makes smartphones smarter, in the sense that it makes users save a lot of money on calls, and even make free calls worldwide. It also adds many interesting features in calls that wouldn’t be possible with simply cellular communication, like call recording, voicemail etc. Read more on using VoIP on mobile phones to save money.

Also Known As: feature phones
Alternate Spellings: smart phones
BlackBerry, iPhone, Samsung smartphones, Palm Treo, Nokia E and N series, Android phones
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