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What is MiFi - MiFi Defined


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MiFi is a small and portable wireless device that gives its carrier a permanent Wi-Fi hotspot wherever he/she goes, thereby remaining connected to the Internet. Developed by Novatel, the MiFi device is also called ‘intelligent mobile hotspot’. Normally, one has to bank on the presence of a fixed wireless router to generate a Wi-Fi cloud over a limited area around a café, campus etc. With a MiFi device in a person’s pocket or bag, that cloud remains present everywhere the person goes. Moreover the Wi-Fi through the MiFi device cloud allows several persons to get connected at the same time, sharing the same connection.

MiFi works with cellular 3G networks (mainly HSPDA and EVDO) for receiving signals that allow Internet connectivity. The device then shares that connection through Wi-Fi in a radius of 10 meters (30 feet) to to a number of Wi-Fi enabled devices, which is normally limited to 5.

This brings many advantages to users, including full Internet connection (with speeds beyond 1.5 Mbps) in cars, trains, planes and even the seaside or forest - anywhere there is cellular 3G network coverage. There are a thousand and one ways to connect any Wi-Fi enabled device to the Internet through a hotspot and even more reasons to do so.

MiFi also allows you to use Voice over IP technology to make free calls (or very cheap ones) both locally and internationally. You can do so using a laptop, with the different software-based VoIP applications, or through a Wi-Fi mobile phone, using any of the mobile VoIP applications.

One main drawback with MiFi is the cost, both for acquiring it and for using it.

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Common Misspellings: mi-fi, myfi, mefi
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