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Skype HD Web Cams

Web Cams for Skype HD Video Calls


One of the pre-requisites of making HD (high definition) video calls on Skype is to have a good HD web cam. There are many on the market. Below is a list of those that have obtained higher credit from Skype users.

1. Logitech C615 HD

HD Webcam C615
Photo courtesy Logitech
This camera, which is relatively affordable for its quality, offers 720p quality with an 8 megapixel lens. There is built in autofocus function, which gives crystal clear pictures despite the distances. It offers widescreen view.
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2. Logitech C270 720p Widescreen

This one has good looks, with three different textures, including a nice feminine floral design. It is relatively cheap but offers good performance, despite its 3 megapixels. It can be considered as an entry level web cam for cost conscious users who just want the taste of HD video. It comes with some features like auto-light correction, which is nice, and a microphone with noise-cancellation. It offers 720p pictures in widescreen.
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3. Panasonic FreeTalk Skype Conference

This webcam features a wide-angle lens that captures video with up to a 720p resolution for clear, detailed footage. The 4-microphone array eliminates background noise and echo for crystal-clear sound.
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4. Microsoft LifeCam Studio

This webcam is of very high quality, capable of producing images of 1080p quality. The autofocus and a high precision glass element lens make the image clearer, since it can gather light at a wide angle. Some color processing in done in there, through the TrueColor technology.
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5. Samsung 720p HD Skype TV Camera

Samsung's VG-STC2000 Skype TV Camera is well adapted for Skype-to-Skype video calls and to stream video right from home. It smoothly streams video at a resolution of 1280 x 720 with up to 30 frames-per-second. Both electricity and data are delivered through the TV's USB port, so the STC2000 HD TV camera keeps its charge and will allow you to enjoy longer conversations, as well as eliminating unnecessary and messy power cables.
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6. Tely Labs telyHD

The Tely HD is a webcam that is used without a computer, and which sends images directly to an HD TV for Skype video communication using the TV.
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