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OBi110 - Phone Adapter Profile


What is the Obi110?:

The OBi 110 is a phone box that can also be called an ATA or phone adapter, launched by Obihai. Obihai Technology is a company that has been founded by the people who invented the ATA (analogue telephone adapter) in the 90s.

The OBi 110 is different from normal ATAs in that it has a multi-layered built-in software mechanism that allows you to use many voice services without the use of a computer, and with good voice quality. The OBi can route calls from as many as four interfaces in any combination of ways that a typical ATA just cannot do.

One of the most interesting things with the OBi110 is that it can connect with OBiTalk, the web interface of Obihai Technology that allows you to create what is called a ‘Circle of Trust’ where you can build a sphere of people to whom you can communicate for free.

The OBi110 device can also bridge a regular PSTN line to Google Voice or a SIP account (up to two). The OBi110 device has a user portal that helps end users set-up services, add speed dials and trusted caller ID’s.

Free Calls With The OBi110:

There are a number of ways in which you can use the OBi110 adapter to make free calls. First, calls are free between users of OBi devices. They are also free between users in the ‘Circle of Trust’ or between people using Obihai’s applications for mobile phones and computers, OBiON and OBiAPP.

Call back is also supported in the OBi110. This will be particularly useful to people in countries where making calls from cell phones is particularly expensive and/or having your VoIP service call you and then connect you to the other party is preferable to originating a call (domestic or international) from your phone.

No Need for a PC

You can also make free calls using Google Voice. One great thing with the OBi, which is also a reason that is drawing many people to use the device, is that it can be configured to use Google Voice to make free calls without needing a PC. The calls are free to the US and Canada, and are very cheap to other places of the world.

The Cost of the OBi110

You can buy the OBi110 for $70 from many places, including there. More information from Obihai’s knowledge base.
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