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Making a Conference Call With Google Voice

Using GV as a Conferencing Tool


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It is very easy to set up and entertain an audio conference call with Google Voice. I fact, you do not even have to intend on starting a conference, because each Google Voice call can be made a conference call.

What You Require

You require nothing more but your phone or any other device that allows you to make and receive Google Voice calls. You of course also require to be a Google Voice user, which at this time, forces you to be in the US and Canada.

How to Make the Conference Call

Prior to the call, you need to inform all your participants to call you on your Google Voice number at the agreed time. You first need to enter into a phone conversation with one of them, by either having them call you or you calling them, through Google Voice. Once you are on the call, you can add the other participants to the call when they dial in. To do so, there is one simple step: press 5. And that’s it, you are conferencing.

The Limitations

Google Voice is not primarily a conferencing service, so you should not expect much from it. Rather, one should use it as a simple and easy way to talk in a group.

That group can have only four persons, including you. Also, there is no tool for managing the conference call and its participants, like full-fledged conference tools have. Also, there is no possibility to record a conference call, although this is possible with a one-to-one normal call.

There is also no facility to schedule the conference call and have the participants invited in advance through email and other ways.

One good thing about holding conference calls with Google Voice is that calls within the US and Canada are free over GV.

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