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Readers Respond: Is Windows 7 VoIP-Friendly? Which VoIP App Works and Which Doesn't on Windows 7?

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From the article: Is Windows 7 VoIP-Friendly?
If you have installed Windows 7 and have used or tried to use a VoIP application or service with it, tell us whether it worked or failed. If you know anything about how VoIP-friendly Windows 7 is or isn't, share it with us. Which app works and which doesn't? Share your experience.

I did not get correct free days and mins

Following website says max free mins per week is 300 mins. But they started charging me from around 180 mins. Also it is hard to find any information from their site. The Q&A is a mess, no search function even. I went through all the Q&A to find the answer. But it says to refer to the website (No need this type of Q&A!!). Then I questioned the service desk and they did not answer my question directly. I think they are doing a scam. I will go back to Skype. I came to VoipBlast as this is a bit cheaper. But the sound is terrible and doing scams, so I am tired of this company. Also the following site was mentioning the free days are 120 days. But I only got 90 days. I questioned this as well. Then they have changed the number in the website to 90. That is fine if it was their mistake. But they have to clearly answer me saying that was a mistake and now it is corrected. The main thing I do not like them is unclear information and bad sound.
—Guest no name

VoipBlast is very bad

I created a VoipBlast account and could login to my Win 7. After a few weeks I bought their credits. 4 days after the puchase I the software does not allow me login. It hangsup and cpu usage increases. I tried reinstalling and other computers with Win XP, but no improvement. Then I found my newly created accounts could login. I contacted them. They asked me to reinstall..., but nothing worked. Then they stopped responding me. I think they have purposly blocks the paied accounts to login to PC. Then lead to make calls using phone to phone which increase their profit. I decided to go back to Skype which never gave this kind of bad experience. VoipBlast is bad bad...do not join this scam. I do not recomend this to anyone. 2011 May 18
—Guest Asanga

Action voip not logging in windows 7

I am trying to loging in action voip for the last one week but couldnt. any solution available
—Guest dalyn


I am not being able to Log in, in Voipblast in Windows 7. I have Dell Laptop. Inspiron 1545
—Guest Nomi

i had the same problem but i solved it

I had the same problem for my JustVoip on Win7. my microphone was not working. But at list i understood that the problem was because of compatibility problem. Go to the link below and you will be able to solve it. I love these Forums. Just know that many are facing the same problem as you do. Go to the link below to solve the problem. http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/using-windows-vista-compatibility-mode/. Regards
—Guest Peyman

microphone problems with voip12

I just installed 12voip on my win7, but all the system works exept the microphone which doesn't work properly when I switch it on. I checked out all microphone settings to figure out whether it works, but were fine. Although the microphone refuses to work with 12voip. Please,I deff need your help!!!
—Guest Dim


when l am using rynga my windos 7 is stopping rynga . its telling that windos fire wall is stoped that how can use rynga in my lap...
—Guest ajeshjohn

ActionVoip Not responding at all

I am running ActionVoip on Windows 7 Ultimate and suddenly it stopped working. Although it shows its icon in the task bar it is not responding. Uninstall is not working as it keep saying that the application is running and close the application before uninstall. I checked the services and process but couldn't find anything. Stuck badly here dude ...
—Guest Tanzim Akthar

Action VOIP

Action Voip has issues with Windows7, it does not let me log in as a user, where as i can use teh same log in details on my XP PC..
—Guest Bimal Kaul

Voip and Windows 7

Mywebcalls and Tpad dont work with windows 7, only with Xp.
—Guest Jul

Action Voip is not working

I think Action Voip is not working to make a call directly from Pc to phone. It says there is a sound problem on this computer but i am using the same computer to talk with skype and gmail calls with out any problem. So i guess the Action voip guys did this deliberately so that people will use the phone to phone option then they will charge more money to connect to the phone. That is the simple logic behind but seems stupid.
—Guest Teklu

not respons for av

iam using actionvoip now one problem it was not connecting and hangging
—Guest vedachalam

Is Windows 7 VoIP-Friendly? Which VoIP A

visatell, iphone, blackdailer3, are not working with windows 7
—Guest shabbir

Does Skype work with windows 7

Yes and it works very well I use it to speak to relations in Ireland from near Atlm GA
—Guest DJCody

actio voip

dont use with win 7.because never solve mic probleum
—Guest sanjaya
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