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Voice Over IP: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
7 Ways to Make Calls Without Paying a Cent
How To Make Completely Free Phone Calls To Any Phone Worldwide - Here is a list of things you can do to make calls to any phone, be it mobile or fixed, anywhere in the world for free, without paying a dime, and without being limited by accessibility.
Want to Get a Free Phone Number? Here's How
How to Get a Free Phone Number? Normally, you get a phone number only when you pay for a phone or VoIP service. The number comes with the service. There are a bunch of services out there that give you a free phone number, often in a package with a lot on interesting features. Here are some ways you can get a free phone number
How Skype and Viber Mobile VoIP Apps Stack Up
Skype vs. Viber: Which is Better? Comparison Between Skype and Viber Apps for Smartphones
How to Pair a Bluetooth Headset to Your Phone
Here is a walkthrough of how to connect a Bluetooth headset to a mobile phone. I will be using a Jabra BT2035 as Bluetooth headset and a Samsung Galaxy Ace Android phone for the process. Don’t worry if you have different makes and models of the headset or of the phone, or if you have earlier or cheaper models, the functionalities are more or less the same, and some minor improvisations and inferences will get the job done. What you need is simple a Bluetooth headset and a mobile phone that has Bluetooth support.
Recording VoIP Phone Calls
Thanks to VoIP call-recording tools, you record your phone calls and conversations and save them for later use. While this can be trivial for personal use, it does have great managerial value for businesses.
SIP Services That Offer Free SIP Accounts
Free SIP Providers - Having a free SIP account is a great way of making free calls on the Internet. You only need to choose a SIP provider that gives you a SIP account for free. There are many of these. Here is my list.
Pros and Cons of the Tango VoIP App
Tango is a free service that allows you to send free text messages, make free voice calls and make free video calls to your friends via your Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G network, using your PC or iOS and Android mobile device.
Try WhatsApp for Free Texting on Your Smartphone
WhatsApp is a free app that allows you to send and receive SMS and MMS messages free to your contacts using your mobile phone. WhatsApp works on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phonoe and Nokia.
What You Should Know about Cell Phone Data Plans
What is a data plan? In this article, we define a data plan and see how and who it can help, what does it cost and what are its pre-requisites. We also look at how to best use a data plan so that one can make the most of it without paying too much.
How to Protect Your Phone Number And Identity
Annonymous Phone Numbers - Virtual Phone Numbers - Freaked to give out your real phone number? Here is a list of free and paid services that allow you to make and receive phone calls without giving out your real phone number. These services will give you a fake phone number that you could give here and there and even publish on the net, and never fear spamming again.
What is VoIP?
VoIP - Also called Internet Telephony, VoIP (short for voice over IP) uses the Internet and other IP networks to make phone calls. VoIP allows you to make calls locally and internationally for very cheap and often for free. Besides the cost benefits, VoIP also offers a wide range of additional features that spice up your communication experience.
How Many Mega Bytes for One Minute of...
How much data do I need to count for my voice calls through VoIP while estimating my mobile data usage?
How to Send Faxes from a Network or on the...
How To Send Fax over IP - Here are ways you can send and receive fax messages over an IP network and the Internet. IP faxing allows you to send fax messages locally and internationally for cheap and at times for free, and has many other advantages.
Apps for Free Video Chat on Your Computer
Apps and services that allow you to make free video chat sessions on your computer running either Windows, Mac or Linux.
What is a DECT Phone?
What is a DECT phone? DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology. In simple words, a DECT phone is a cordless phone that works with your landline phone line. It is the type of phone set that allows you to roam in the house or in the office while you talk. While a DECT phone is technically a mobile phone, we don’t use this term for it, as the nature of a mobile phone and a DECT phone are basically quite different.
These Are the Best Tools for Recording VoIP...
VoIP Call Recording - Here is a list of some of the most common software tools you can use to record your VoIP calls for your individual use.
What SIP Is, How It Works, and Why to Use It
SIP allows people around the world to communicate using their computers and mobile devices over the Internet, mostly for free.
How to Make Voice and Video Calls with Gmail or...
How to Make Voice and Video Calls in GMail and Google+ - Just like with Skype, Yahoo! Messenger and many other tools using VoIP technology for communication, Google has its tool for making voice and video chatting. You can use it embedded within your browser while being logged into your GMail or Google+ account.
Wondering What A "Mean Opinion Score" Is?...
Mean Opinion Score (MOS) - Mean Opinion Score (MOS) gives a numerical indication of the perceived quality of the media received after being transmitted and eventually compressed using codecs. MOS is expressed in one number, from 1 to 5, 1 being the worst and 5 the best.
How To Obtain a SIP Account
How To Obtain a SIP Account - SIP is a protocol that gives you a unique identification (a SIP number or address) on the Internet that you can use as a phone number or email address to make and receive voice calls for free to any other SIP user worldwide, or for cheap to any other landline or mobile user. Here is how you can get a SIP account.
8 Pros and Cons to Google Voice
Google Voice Review - Google Voice is a phone service that gives you a number to call all your phones. It also gives you voicemail transcription into text, plus many other features. Local incoming and outgoing calls are free, and international calls are very cheap. Here is a review of the service.
Apps for Free Text Messaging
Apps that you can install on your iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Nokia device to send and receive free text SMS messages.
What Is 3G?
3G is a popular wireless network technology used mainly with mobile phones for mobile connectivity. In this article, 3G is defined and presented in both technical and practical ways. 3G has become very popular, especially with multimedia transfer to and from mobile phones and handsets. 3G also allows mobile users to make cheap and free calls using VoIP technology.
LINE – Free Mobile Calls and Messages
LINE allows free voice calls and free messages over your Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry devices, but also on your Windows and Mac computer. It also offers a lot of other features. it has a huge userbase. Read review.
Is Skype a VoIP Service or VoIP App?
Is Skype a VoIP Service or VoIP App? Before answering this question, let us see what both VoIP Service and VoIP App mean.
What is an IP Address Anyway?
IP Addresses - What is an IP address and how does it work? An IP address is a unique address used to locate and identify a device over a network. That device can be an electronic device, a computer, a server, a router or even an IP phone. It is the addressing used for the transmission of data packets over a network working with the IP protocol.
Here's What an 'IP' Is and How it Works
IP Protocol - What is the Internet Protocol (IP) and how it works. This article talks about the protocol, IP routing, voice and IP, the TCP/IP protocol suite, IP packets and IP addresses.
Want to Make Free Calls? Install Viber for...
Instructions on how to install and set up Viber on your Android and iPhone and make optimum use of it.
How to Make Free Phone Calls to the US and Canada
How to make free phone calls to any landline and mobile number in the US and Canada? Here are some tools and services you can use.
3 Ways You Make a VoIP Connection
There are three ways in which you can make a VoIP connection: Computer to computer, phone to phone and computer to phone or vice-versa. Let's see these in more details.
Phonebooth Free - Free Local Phone Number That...
Phonebooth Free Review - Phonebooth Free service offers a free phone number for your area that you channel incoming calls to different phones, fixed and mobile. It poses as a serious alternative to Google Voice, and also offers a paid upgrade for outgoing calls. The Phonebooth Free service is offered by Bandwidth.com, which is a major player on the VoIP market. The features offered for free is comparable to Google Voice and its paid rates are around the market’s average.
Reasons for Choosing Voice Over IP
VoIP Pros - Why should you use VoIP? What are its advantages and how does it make voice communication better than regular PSTN phone? Here is a list of advantages and benefits of using Voice over IP.
What is OTT?
What is OTT? Also known as over-the-top service, OTT is making many happy consumers, especially in the field of Internet TV and telecommunications. VoIP and video conferencing and services that people use above the network of service providers, without the latter being in control or deriving any benefit from it.
How to Install Skype on Android
Installing Skype on Android can be tricky for some, especially those having unlisted devices. Here are three ways which you can download and install the app.
Everything You Need to Know to Get Free Text...
You want to be able to send and received free text messages and sms on your android, iphone, blackberry, windows phone or nokia smartphone? Here is what you need.
Thinking of Using Viber for Free Calls and...
Viber – Allows Free Calls and Group Messaging Using Your Mobile Number, without needing to register. It is available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.
Making a Conference Call With Google Voice
Making a Conference Call With Google Voice
Everything You Need to Know about Skype
What is Skype? With more than 340 million registered users, Skype is the most popular voice communication service in the world. Skype can be used on a computer to communicate (call) with a person locally or abroad for free.
Use Skype to Build Your Own Surveillance Camera
Free Home Camera Surveillance System - How to build your own home camera surveillance system at home using Skype's free video calling and hardware that you already have.
Call Blocking
VoIP Feature - What is Call Blocking and how can it be used?
Before You Switch to VoIP, Consider These...
VoIP Cons are an issue, although VoIP has great pros. While VoIP's benefits outnumber its disadvantages, you should be aware of the VoIP pitfalls as a user, so that you have a better VoIP experience.
WiFi – WiFi Explained
WiFi is also referred to as WLAN, which stands for wireless LAN, and 802.11, which is the technical code for the protocol. Learn more here.
How to Make HD Skype Video Calls
How to Make HD Skype Video Calls
Everything You Need to Know about Getting...
Getting Started With VoIP - Once you are aware of the benefits VoIP can bring to your communication experience, you are very likely to decide to get started with VoIP, or at least give it a try. So what next? In this piece of content, we see the different things you need to have and do to get started with VoIP
Here's What a 'Data Packet' Is
A data packet is a basic unit of communication over a digital network. A packet is also called a datagram, a segment, a block, a cell or a frame, depending on the protocol. When data has to be transmitted, it is broken down into similar structures of data, which are reassembled to the original data chunk once they reach their destination.
What Affects Voice Quality in VoIP Calls
Voice quality in VoIP is affected bandwidth, your equipment, the location of your hardware, weather conditions and compression algorithms.
Top Video Conferencing Applications and Services
video conferencing - Video calls and video conferencing considerably enhance your communication experience. Video conferencing is now affordable for everyone, with very little investment on hardware. It requires only a webcam and headset. Many applications and services are free.
How to Obtain a Phone Number That Rings...
How to Obtain a Phone Number that Rings Multiple Phones - Here is a list of services that give you a phone number that rings multiple phones on incoming calls.
Want to Save Money on Mobile Communication? See...
VoIP for Mobile Phones - If you intend to considerably cut down the cost of your mobile calls, here is a list of VoIP services that can allow you to save up to 95% on mobile communication. Part of some services are even free.
VoIP Service - Choosing the Right VoIP Service
VoIP Service - Before choosing a VoIP service, you have to decide which type suits you best. Choosing the right VoIP service allows you to derive the maximum benefits. The type of VoIP service you choose will depend on how you will communicate - at home, in the office, with your mobile or on your computer.
What is a SIP Address?
SIP is used to make calls over the Internet and other IP networks. A SIP address is a unique identifier for each user on the network, just like a phone number identifies each user on the global phone network, or an email address. It is also known as a SIP URI or a SIP profile
What is The Difference Between VoIP and IP...
VoIP vs. IP Telephony - Most people use the terms ‘Voice over IP’ (VoIP) and ‘IP Telephony’ interchangeably, equating one to the other. What’s the difference between the two, if there is any?
Everything You Need to Know About MagicJack...
MagicJack is a small device that allows you to make unlimited free calls, without paying monthly bills. You can just plug it to your computer on one side and your regular home phone on the other side and start making and receiving phone calls.
iNum - A Worldwide Phone Number To Ring Your...
iNum - iNum is a service that provides a global phone number that can be used to ring on your phone anywhere you are in the world. In other words, it transcends boundaries and distances, thereby eliminating the worries of area codes and expensive rates.
Everything You Need to Know about Tuitalk Free...
Tuitalk is a voice service that allows users to make completely free international calls to any phone, not just computer-based softphones, as is the case with most computer-based applications. The calls can however be made only through a computer, and for a limited time of 10 minutes per day. Also, the number of destinations is quite limited, but the most popular countries are listed.
How to Make Free Skype Calls From Your Cell
Free Skype Mobile Calls - Here are ways in which you can make completely free calls on your mobile phone using Skype, to call people locally or internationally. Skype is not that much enhanced for mobile calling, but its popularity requires it to be mobile for so many people.
Why Google Voice
Why Google Voice and what it can do for me? This is an overview of the features of Google Voice and the benefits you can take out of them as a user, that will help you decide on whether it is for you or not.
5 Top Wireless IP Phones
Top 5 Wireless IP Phones - Wireless IP phones are becoming very popular within VoIP networks due to the fact that they allow mobility and scalibility. Here is my top list.
Top Bluetooth Headsets
Bluetooth headsets give you the advantage of not using any of your hands while talking on the phone and while listening to media using your computer or smartphone. It also has the great convenience of not using wires. Here is a list of the top Bluetooth headsets around. Don’t be strict on the ranking. One might suit you best than the other independent on the position in the list. What matters is what you need.
Learn How to Make Cheap, or Even Free VoIP...
VoIP on BlackBerry - VoIP allows you to power up your BlackBerry device to make cheap or free calls, both local and international. Plus it gives you lots of features that you wouldn't get with your cellular provider.
Understanding Common VoIP Hardware Devices and...
VoIP Hardware Equipment - Here is a list of the most common hardware equipment you will use for VoIP: Phone Adapters (ATA), Routers, IP Phones, Headsets and Handsets.
Ooma Review- Free Phone Calls, No Monthly Bills
ooma Review - Ooma is a VOiP service that allows completely free calls to all users, landline and mobile, to the US and Canada, and very cheap international calls. ooma rids you of monthly bills. You just have to buy the device once off and you never pay after that for making calls.
6 Apps to Monitor Your iPhone and iPad Data Usage
Here are ways in which you can monitor your 3G and Wi-Fi data usage on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. There are apps that you can download from the Apple App Store or use simpler ways. This finally allows you to better use your data plan and avoid costs above what you expected.
Can I Keep My Existing Phone Number While Using...
Phone Number Portability With VoIP - Will My VoIP Service Provider Allow Me to Keep my Existing Phone Number? Yes, and in some cases, No. It depends on the company.
How Google Voice Works?
How Google Voice Works? Is it a VoIP service like Skype? Google Voice is not a VoIP application or service, but leverages on VoIP technology to make calls cheap. It also aims at unifying communications.
Mobile VoIP Services
You can make calls on VoIP through your mobile phone, allowing you to cut down on your mobile communication costs.
How to Use Skype on Your Android Device
If you want to install and use Skype on your Android phone or tablet, here is what you need to know. Skype for Android is a must for some and a simple way of saving money on cheap calls for others. Skype for Android offers free video calling with great quality.
What is a Router?
A router is an important device in computer networking especially in WANs. It connects LANs to WANs and helps in forwarding packets to their destinations.
How to Use VoIP to Make Free Calls on an...
VoIP on Android - Android is an operating system specially adapted for mobile phones and handsets launched by Google. If you are using a phone running Android, like the Nexus One, the HTC Hero, the Samsung Galaxy, to name but a few, you can take advantage of the power of VoIP to make free or cheap calls on your mobile. Here are the services and applications you can choose from.
BlueStacks – Run Android Apps on Your PC
BlueStacks is a program that emulates Android on your Windows or Mac computer. This allows you to install and run some of the million+ apps present on Google Play, from Angry Birds to WhatsApp to Viber to Skype and other interesting apps. BlueStacks works in Windows and Mac operating systems.
What is a LAN?
A Local Area Network is a relatively small network compared to a WAN. It covers areas like rooms, offices, campuses, buildings etc. Most LANs today run under Ethernet protocol and Wi-Fi.
How Much Bandwidth is Required for Skype HD...
How Much Bandwidth is Required for Skype HD Video Call?
Connection Speed Tests
Online Connection Speed Tests - Bandwidth meters give you an idea of how suitable your connection is for a certain task online, e.g. voice over IP. Let us see how they work, whether they are accurate, how to interpret their results, what factors affect these, and which speed tests to use.
KakaoTalk Review – Free Calls and SMS
KakaoTalk is a VoIP service with more than 50 million users that allows you to make free calls and participate in free SMS group messaging with any user in the world using the same app.
Is Your Phone Number Portable?
VoIP Phone Number Portability - One of the main questions you have to ask yourself before deciding whether to port your number or not is whether the number is actually portable.
ooVoo - – Video Calls with up to 12...
ooVoo review - VoIP and video conferencing app that allows free video calls with up to 12 participants per session. Video quality is good. Many features - including openness to other networks like Facebook, Twitter and other IM. ooVoo is also mobile, with apps for the iPhone, iPad and more than 400 Android devices.
How To Run WhatsApp on Your PC
My Android mobile crashed and am therefore in the process of changing phone. In the meantime, I feel I am missing a lot of important stuff from WhatsApp and other VoIP apps. Can I run WhatsApp on my PC?
Making Free Calls on iOS with FaceTime Audio
How to make free voice calls worldwide on FaceTime Audio with the new iOS 7 on your iPhone and iPad. Requirements, setting up and making calls.
What is Telephony?
What is telephony? Telephony is a term denoting the technology that allows people to have long distance voice communication. The term’s scope has been broadened with the advent of the different new communication technologies. In its broadest sense, the terms encompasses phone communication, Internet calling, mobile communication, faxing, voicemail and even video conferencing.
Wondering How Much Bandwidth You Need for VoIP?...
Bandwidth determines connection speed. It is one of the most important, and in some cases, the most expensive requirements for using VoIP. There are different types of Internet connections giving VoIP bandwidth; which one should you use?
The Beginner's Guide to Wi-Fi Hotspots
Hotspot - A hotspot is a small area that gives wireless Internet access through WiFi. WiFi (also written Wi-Fi) is a wireless technology that allows LANs to be set up without wires between devices. So to have a hotspot, you only need to have a wireless router connected to a broadband Internet line. The router will generate the WiFi signals in a sphere and any WiFi-enabled computer or device in that sphere, which is finally the region of the hotspot, can connect while being inside it.
Free SIP Softphone Apps
SIP allows you to make free phone calls over the world. You need SIP clients on your computer for this. Here is a list of the best ones around.
How to Set Up and Use TeamSpeak
How to set up, install, configure and use TeamSpeak for communication in a group. Selecting or setting up a TeamSpeak server, and downloading and installing the client software.
What is Android?
What is Android? Android is an operating system for mobile phones and tablet PCs. It is owned by Google and stands as a serious competitor to Apple's iPhone. Android is becoming more popular due to the fact that it is more open and runs on hardware built by many different manufacturers including Samsung, Morotola and HTC. Also, due to its open nature, there are tens of thousands apps to be downloaded and installed from the Android Market.
Want to Make Cheap or Even Free Calls from Your...
VoIP for the iPhone - VoIP Services And Applications for the iPhone - Here are ways for iPhone users to make free or cheap phones calls to any place around the world using their iPhones. The listed VoIP applications and services are compatible with and specifically designed for the iPhone.
Gmail Calling Review – Google Internation...
Gmail Calling Review – Google now offers the possibility of making and receiving international calls for cheap and free. Standing as a competitor for Skype by offering similar services, Google Calling allows people to make free PC-to-PC calls and cheap calls (as low as 2 cents per minute for some destinations) to and from mobile and landline phones. 2 cents per minute is not the cheapest on the market, but is among the cheapest, and it definitely cheaper than Skype.
411 Directory Assistance
VoIP Features - What is 411 Directory Assistance and how can I use it with my VoIP service?
Fongo Review - Canada VoIP Service
Fongo review - VoIP service for Canadians
VoiP Codecs
Here is a list of the most common codecs used in VoIP for voice encoding and compression, with comments.
Want to Make Free Calls from Your iPad? Here's...
Using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) on your iPad can save you money and spare you from using your expensive GSM minutes.
What is a PBX?
What is PBX? PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. It is a PSTN telephone network used within a private enterprise. Users inside a PBX share outside lines which they use to make phone calls external to the PBX. A PBX specifically made for VoIP is called an IP-PBX. Asterisk is a good open-source PBX software.
Camfrog - Video Chat Rooms
Camfrog brings back the experience of MSN and Yahoo chat rooms, with enhanced video and other features. But at the same time, it stands as a dangerous adult platform where a lot of ills can propagate and where cyber criminals can operate.
Estimate Your Data Usage – Data Calculators
Data calculators are here to help you estimate how much data you need for your mobile and broadband data plan.
What Does 4G LTE Mean Anyway?
LTE Glossary - What is LTE? LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is a new 4G wireless broadband standard. LTE is still in its early days, but the advantages it proposes over existing wireless mobile standards like 3G, WiMAX and GSM making an interesting enhancement if not replacement for these.
Using Your 3G Mobile Phone to Make Free And...
You can use your 3G mobile phone to make free or very cheap phone calls to any destination worldwide using VoIP applications and services.
Using VoIP on the Samsung Galaxy Tab
Using VoIP on the Samsung Galaxy Tab to make free calls or cheap calls. A list of VoIP applications and services that support the Samsung Galaxy Tab.
How to Transform Your iPad into an iPhone and...
Turn Your iPad into a Phone - Power your iPad with VoIP and use it as a phone to make and receive free and cheap voice calls.
What to Know about Gizmo's Free VoIP Call Service
Gizmo allows you to make free calls to landline and mobiles phones to 60 countries, and offers free voicemail service. It presents itself as a serious competitor to Skype.
How a 'PBX' Works
PBX - A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a switch station for telephone systems. It consists mainly of several branches of telephone systems and it switches connections to and from them, thereby linking phone lines. The main technical roles of a PBX are: To switch between telephone users thereby creating connections; To make sure the connection remains in place properly by keeping its resources; To record the quantities, statistics and metering related to the calls
What is Ethernet?
What is Ethernet? Ethernet is the protocol that controls data transmission over a Local Area Network. It is by far the most popular and most commonly used protocol for LANs.
Comparing Skype VoIP to Its Softphone Competitors
VoIP Software - Software-based VoIP providers often provide softphones, which are applications software that act as a phone on your computer, along with their service. Skype is an example. Here is a list of the common softphones and services, with lots of alternative to Skype
What is Cloud Computing?
What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is a new concept that has become famous due to its strangeness and audacity. Put simply, cloud computing provides resources from remote sources that you would otherwise have on your own machine or premises. One important feature of cloud computing is that while you are accessing resources and services from remote locations, you have the impression that they are right in front of you, on your computer, or right in your office.
Circuit Switching vs. Packet Switching: What's...
The difference between circuit switching and packet switching to show why packet switching makes VoIP better.
Are All Free Calls Really Free?
Are All Free Calls Really Free? - As a phone user, you need to understand the implications of such terms as ‘free calls’, when they are really free and when they are not, and where you can get them from. A free call is a call offered by a phone service provider (either a landline, GSM or VoIP phone service) for no charge. The charge here is what you are billed for a minute of the call. However, what you actually pay might not always be ‘nothing’.
ChatON vs. WhatsApp
Compare Voice Over IP (VoIP) applications ChatON and WhatsApp to see which has the features and services you require.
Recording VoIP Calls For Businesses
Tools to record voice calls in your business. These tools are mainly for use with an IP PBX, and most of them do more than recording VoIP phone calls.
The ATA, Its Features and Functions
What is an ATA? Learn about Analog Telephone Adapters and their functions and features, and how they are used to make VoIP connections.
Ooma - What is ooma?
ooma - ooma allows you to make free unlimited free nationwide calls for free. ooma is one of the no-monthly bill companies, with which you only buy a device once and use it to make free phone calls ever after. Read more on the ooma device and the ooma service here.
IP Faxing | Faxing over IP | A Cheaper Way of...
Learn how to send fax messages over IP networks and over a VoIP line. That allows you to save money on faxing, and benefit from other features. IP Faxing, also called Faxing over IP or FoIP, can allow you to send fax messages for very cheap and even for free, both locally and internationally.
VoIP Headsets
VoIP Headsets are special pieces of hardware for optimum voice communication. They come in different types each designed for a particular use.
How to Troubleshoot Your VoIP Phone Adapter (ATA)
Troubleshooting Your VoIP Phone Adapter (ATA) - The main problems associated with your ATA are no dial tone, no Ethernet connection and inability to make calls. Whatever be the problem, troubleshooting your ATA (VoIP phone adapter) also allows you to diagnose problems related to other related equipment like the phone, router, modem etc.
What is a Softphone?
Softphone is software that allows you to make phone calls using a computer. It is a term used in contrast with hardware-based phone calling where dedicated hardware is used for making calls.
What is Visual Voicemail?
Visual Voicemail - Visual Voicemail explained. With visual voicemail, you have a list of the voicemail messages displayed on your phone’s screen or that of your computer. You also have a menu with several options, just like for email. The options allow you to navigate, arrange, manage, listen, re-listen, delete, call back, send back a message etc
Skype For Mobile Phones
Your mobile communication cost can be cut down using Skype's new mobile phone service. You can just download and install the softphone application on your 3G or WiFi mobile phone or handset and register for free.
Looking for a New VoIP Provider? Here Are the...
VoIP Service Providers - Most households and small businesses wanting to replace their existing phone lines with VoIP choose among the residential subscription-based service providers. Here is a list of the top service providers of this type.
The SkypeOut Service
If you want to phone someone from your Skype softphone using your computer, you can do so using SkypeOut, which allows you to make phone calls to just anyone with a PSTN phone or cell phone, and not just a Skype softphone user.
What is Latency?
What is latency and how can it affect voice quality in VoIP? Latency is the time between the moment a voice packet is transmitted and the moment it reaches its destination. It of course leads to delay and finally to echo. It is caused by slow network links. This is what leads to echo. [T]
Should You Drop Your Traditional PSTN Landline?
Should You Drop Your Traditional PSTN Landline Phone? Does switching to VoIP necessarily mean eliminating your traditional PSTN (landline) phone service? Should you dump it or keep the line? The answer cannot be a clear yes or no, although it's already is so clear-cut for many people. It is sometimes wiser to keep a basic PSTN line just in case.
What is PSTN?
What is PSTN? Public Switched Telephone Network
Voxofon Review – Cheap International...
Voxofon is one of the many phone services that offer the possibility of making international calls using mobile phones for very cheap, compared to the high rates of pure GSM and other traditional services. Calls are initiated using GSM network and the rest is handed over to VoIP.
Here's How to Receive Phone Calls in Your Gmail
How To Receive Phone Calls on GMail - To be able to receive phone calls within GMail, you need to have a Google Voice account. Such a thing is offered free by Google, but so far, not all countries are covered. So many of you might need to wait a while before being able to benefit from Google Voice
Here's Where to Get Skype
How to download Skype for all platforms of mobile devices? Here are instructions and links.
Yahoo Voice Review - Yahoo Messenger's Voice...
Yahoo Voice Review - Yahoo Voice is part of the very popular Yahoo Messenger IM application and service, and as its name implies, it allows you to phone people worldwide either through PC-to-PC calls or PC-to-phone calls. Yahoo Voice uses VoIP technology and the outward calling part is handled by its partner Jajah. Its strong points are its great popularity, openness with community chatting and its cheap rates for PC-to-Phone calling.
IP Phones - Special Phones for VoIP
IP Phones - There exist a number of phones which are designed specially to be used for VoIP. We normally call them VoIP Phones, IP Phones or SIP phones. These phones very much resemble a normal POTS phone, but they are equipped with an internal ATA.
Security Threats In VoIP
Security Issues in VoIP. While VoIP has become one of the mainstream communication technologies, VoIP users face a series of security threats. Let us see these security issues.
What is IPv6?
IPv6/IPng - IPv6 is a new and improved version of the IP protocol. In this article, you will learn what IP is, what its limitation is, and how this has led to the creation of IPv6, of which there is also a brief description.
OpenTok - Build Your Own Free Video Chat App
OpenTok allows you to build your own free video chat app nd host video conferencing sessions of up to 100 participants on your website​.
Things to Consider Before You Buy a Headset
A headset is easy to buy when in the shop. You look at the price and what pleases you and pay for it. This is maybe because it is such a relatively small piece of hardware. But this component may determine the success of your relationship with your customer, the quality of your family conversations, your productivity at work and even the enjoyment you derive from your favorite game. So before you set out to buy a headset, especially a VoIP headset, consider the following things.
Top 4 Phone Adapters (ATAs)
Top 4 Phone Adapters (ATAs) - An ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) is a device which makes the link between a PSTN phone line and your VoIP network. You should have one if you don't want to buy expensive IP phones. ATAs are connected to the ADSL router on one side and to your phone on the other. Here is my top list of ATAs.
Use Skype as Your Home Phone
You can use Skype as your home phone, or as a side service, in case your monthly bill from your traditional phone service becomes alarming. Skype's monthly subscription for local phones is interesting enough to try.
What is Multitasking in Smartphones?
Description of how multitasking works in smartphones, especially the iphone and Android.
Apps for SIP on Android
Here is a list of apps that allow you to use SIP on Android. They are clients that can be downloaded and installed from Google Play and configured with any free SIP service, for free VoIP calls.
The Verizon Wireless Hub - To Buy or Not To Buy?
The Verizon Hub, with its nice features, touchscreen and impressive design, comes as an unprecedented VoIP device. But is it worth the cost? Let's weigh the pros and cons.
Sending Fax With a Fax Modem
A fax machine allows you to send fax messages with your computer without requiring a fax machine. Here is how.
The Enhanced Features to Expect from VoIP
VoIP offers an abundant amount of interesting, useful and enhanced features, many of which come free with service packages from VoIP service providers. Which feature you want to include in your VoIP service package will depend on your communication needs. Here is a list of VoIP features you can get with your service provider.
WhatsApp Web For Your Computer
WhatsApp Web is a version of WhatsApp that runs on your computer synchronized with the one on your smartphone. Here is how to get it up and running.
How To Configure a SIP Softphone App
How To Configure a SIP Softphone App - You can use a SIP-based VoIP softphone app to make and receive voice calls without being tied to one specific service provider. For that, you just need a SIP account and the softphone app installed on your computer. Here is how you can configure the whole to get going with the VoIP calls. The steps will be quite general, X-Lite taken as example.
SIP Profile
The Session Initiation Protocol is complementary with VoIP since it provides signaling functions to it. Apart from VoIP, it is used in other multimedia technologies as well, like online games, video and other services. SIP provides the necessary signaling for creating, modifying and terminating sessions with one or more communicating participants.
VoIP over 3G - Is It Worth?
VoIP over 3G - Is It Worth? We know VoIP's worth as a means of cutting down communication cost, so the question is not on VoIP's worth but rather on that of using 3G for it. Is it worth paying for a 3G data plan for VoIP calls? Everyone knows VoIP calls can be very cheap when they are not free, but are they still cheap compared to traditional GSM calls when they are made using 3G connectivity? If 3G gets expensive, does it not defeat the purpose of cutting down the cost of communication?
How Nymgo Stacks Up for Ultra-Affordable...
Nymgo Review - Nymgo is a good VoIP service whose main strength is its low price. Nymgo charges some of the cheapest rates on the market, much cheaper than Skype. Some destinations are charged at less than half a cent per minute. Nymgo offers good quality calls with a simple application and web interface, and your remaining credit is always shown. You require a computer and a handset to make calls, but can also install the application and make calls over SIP-supporting mobile phones.
Thinking of Getting a VoIP Router? Make Sure...
Top 5 VoIP Wireless Routers - VoIP wireless routers are used for linking wireless LANs to the Internet. They are also called gateways, and they enclose a lot of functionalities. Once you have it working, you can connect any wireless device like IP Phones or even computers to it through Wi-Fi connections. The routers in this list have been chose based on their popularity, performance, ease of use, features and scalability.
VoIP Providers – Which VoIP Providers to...
VoIP Providers - One requirement to get started using VoIP is to choose one or more among the numerous VoIP providers. In order to choose a VoIP service, you need to decide what type of VoIP communication you want to have, as the VoIP providers offer different types of services.
Do I Have Enough Bandwidth For VoIP?
Here, we try to figure out whether your bandwidth is sufficient for your VoIP needs, and how you can know whether it is so. Bandwidth, or connection speed, is one of the main factors affecting VoIP call quality.
How to Stop Producing Echo?
How to Stop Producing Echo. My correspondent says I produce echo. What can I do?
How To Save Money On Phone Calls
Here are ways you can save a lot of money by cutting down your communication costs with VoIP. This article shows you ways to make free or very cheap local and international phone calls with IP telephony.
IP Routing
IP Routing - Routing is the process during which data packets are forwarded from one machine or device (technically referred to as a node) to another on a network until they reach their destinations.
How Does VoIP Allow Calls Between IP Networks...
How Does VoIP Allow Calls Between IP Networks And PSTN? VoIP works on IP networks and the PSTN uses landline networks with phone numbers.
UMA Explained
UMA stands for Unlicensed Mobile Access. It is a wireless technology that allows seamless transition between wireless WANS (e.g. GSM, 3G, EDGE, GPRS, etc.) and wireless LAN (e.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth). This means that a user can initiate a call over GSM, for example, and the calls switches from the GSM network to the office’s Wi-Fi network once the user walks into range. And vice-versa.
Have I Got 911?
911 - Does your VoIP service allow you to make emergency calls like the 911? Here is what you can do to make sure you can make these calls any time.
Calling Cards vs. VoIP Service
Calling Cards vs. VoIP Service. Both calling cards and VoIP offer cheap local and international calls. On the whole, VoIP is a better option, with all its elaborateness and sophistication and features and stuff, but there are situations in which a simple calling card is better. Anyhow, the providers behind the calling card service use VoIP itself to terminate the calls. So, when to opt for a calling card? Here are some hints.

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