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The Bottom Line

Tuitalk is a voice service that allows users to make completely free international calls to any phone, not just computer-based softphones, as is the case with most computer-based applications. The calls can however be made only through a computer, and for a limited time of 10 minutes per day. Also, the number of destinations is quite limited, but the most popular countries are listed.


  • Calls are completely free, with no additional hardware required.
  • Calls can be made to any phone, including mobile and landline phones.


  • A computer is required for making the calls.
  • Daily limit of 10 minutes.
  • Users have to watch a 30-second video add before calling.
  • Calls are allowed only to a certain number of listed destinations so far.


  • Free calls to a list of worldwide destinations
  • 10 minutes calls every day, after watching a 30-second advertisement
  • Calls made using a computer with headphones and microphone

Guide Review - VoIP Service

Tuitalk offers a softphone application that you download and install on your computer. It is not very heavy, most probably due to the fact that it does not contain many features. You need to register online and use the credentials obtained to log into the softphone application. Your email address is your login name. Don't forget that you need to fill in every piece of information on your profile (and they call this the Extended profile) to be able to get the free daily 10 minutes. We still need to know why they need the information.

The person you are calling needs to be in one of the listed destinations where free calls are allowed. You don’t have to enter the country code; by selecting the country from the drop-down box, the country code is implied.

I made some calls to here and there. At times, the voice broke up quite often, once even making it impossible to carry on. But the last call I made was of reasonably good voice quality. There are some other times when calls are just not established, and quite some times, I have had to put it for later. I have to say that none of the advertisement clips has bored me. I didn’t see the time pass.

Before making a call, make sure you check the possibility of reaching your contact on this destination page.

User Reviews

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 2 out of 5
, Member mariusstranger

worked for a while. last week it never worked caller error etc. i also experienced that my password was not accepted. i might stop using it because of all the problems lately and get a cheep telephone card instead. however i was happy with it until the last weeks when it did not work any more.

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