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VoIP software include service-backed applications Skype and other PC-to-PC applications. Tiis page speaks about VoIP software applications and tools present on the market - comparisons and reviews, prices, features, compatibility, tutorials, tips and tricks and more.

Setting Up Skype on Mac
Setting Up Skype on Mac

How to Download Skype on Any Machine
download skype, how to download skype, skype for mac, skype for mobile

Applications for Making Free and Cheap Calls on Linux
If you are a Linux user and you want to make free or cheap calls through your computer, there are a number of VoIP applications that allow you to do that. There aren’t as many as a Windows user would find, but there are enough of good and well-built applications that come with your Linux installation to allow you to save money and have a nice...

Is Windows 7 VoIP-Friendly? Share Your Views and Experience.
Is Windows 7 VoIP-Friendly? Share Your Views and Experience. If you have installed Windows 7 and have used or tried to use a VoIP application or service with it, tell us whether it worked or failed. Which app works and which doesn't? Share your experience.

Is Windows 7 VoIP-Friendly?
One question I asked myself when Windows 7 released was whether it is VoIP-friendly. Why wouldn't it be, given there was no problem with Windows XP? But Microsoft being Microsoft, you don't what works and what doesn't, and what will purposely be blocked. At times, commercial battles overshadow technology. The answer to my question will never be answered exhaustively, so here is what can b…

Web-Based VoIP Service with Complete VoIP Application Development API
TringMe VoIP Service Review - TringMe is a complete VoIP service suite that comprises of the traditional and very popular PC-to-PC calling feature through a softphone, with its PC-to-phone calling option for calls to landline and mobile phones worldwide.

A Comparison Between Two of the most Popular Software-Based P…
Yahoo Voice vs Skype - A comparison between two of the most popular Internet-based telephony services. Yahoo is basically an instant messenger and social networking service to which voice and video service has been added, while Skype is firstly a voice over IP service with basic chat and socialization features.

Yahoo Voice Review - Yahoo Messenger's Voice Calling Service
Yahoo Voice Review - Yahoo Voice is part of the very popular Yahoo Messenger IM application and service, and as its name implies, it allows you to phone people worldwide either through PC-to-PC calls or PC-to-phone calls. Yahoo Voice uses VoIP technology and the outward calling part is handled by its partner Jajah. Its strong points are its great popularity, openness with community chatting and i…

Which PC-Based VoIP Service You Like Most?
Whether you have been using VoIP software applications and services on your computer or are now discovering these marvelous tools, tell us which one you like most and why. Share your opinion and experience, and read others'.

What Do You Think of Fring?
What do you think of Fring VoIP service for mobile phones? Share your opinion and experience and read others'.

VoIP Service
Tuitalk is a voice service that allows users to make completely free international calls to any phone, not just computer-based softphones, as is the case with most computer-based applications. The calls can however be made only through a computer, and for a limited time of 10 minutes per day. Also, the number of destinations is quite limited, but the most popular countries are listed.

VoxOx Review - An Application To Unify All Your Communication Channels
VoxOx is an application that allows you to do voice calling, video conferencing, emailing, instant messaging, texting, social networking and faxing in one same application. It also acts as a VoIP softphone.

Skype - 5 Years Later, Is It Still The Best?
Skype - Is It Still The Best VoIP Tool? Skype is 5 years old and 340 million users strong. How does it compare with other VoIP applications of its like?

Skype Mobile Phone Service
Your mobile communication cost can be cut down using Skype's new mobile phone service. You can just download and install the softphone application on your 3G or WiFi mobile phone or handset and register for free. You can communicate for free with other Skype users or pay cheap international rates for users of landline or mobile phone networks.

Integrating Skype Into Mozilla Thunderbird
The concept of presence in unified communications aims at putting your contacts at reach, wherever you might be. It is very convenient to just click on a contact's name or any personal information about them in their email messages or contact details to call them, without actually requiring to launch a

Integrating Skype Into MS Outlook
The concept of presence in unified communications aims at putting your contacts at reach, wherever you might be. It is very convenient to just click on a contact's name or any personal information about them in their email messages or contact details to call them, without actually requiring to launch a

Yeigo - Free VoIP For Mobile Phones
Yeigo is a free VoIP application for mobile phones, allowing voice calls, chat, instant message and SMS using your mobile phone, while cutting down the usual cost down to as low as 20 %. No need for complex, expensive and bulky hardware. With this, it sets a new paradigm that can revolutionize the communications world. One of the strong points of Yeigo is that it can be installed on a vast range of mobile phones. It also comes with many new features.

iChat - Mac OS X Leopard VoIP Application
The lastest Mac OS X, Leopard, has brought around an enhanced version of iChat, its embedded voice and video VoIP application. Apple has bundled new features with with this new version of iChat that Mac chatters used to look for in third party applications.

Fring - Free Mobile VoIP Calls
Fring is a VoIP application and service that allows free mobile phone calls, chat and instant messaging. It is a softphone that can be directly installed on a smart phone and works on 3G, GPRS or Wi-Fi network.

PeerMe - Free VoIP Softphone and Service
PeerMe - PeerMe is a free communication tool and service that is quite easy to setup and use through its softphone client. PeerMe's softphone is enriched with many other features that make it more than a softphone: instant messaging, video conferencing etc. You can also use their web interface or download the special versions for WAP and mobile phones. PeerMe is shaping its future by constantly innovating with features.

Software-Based VoIP Services And Applications
VoIP Software - Software-based VoIP providers often provide softphones, which are applications software that act as a phone on your computer, along with their service. Skype is an example. Here is a list of the common softphones and services, with lots of alternative to Skype

Gizmo - Free VoIP Calls to 60 Countries
Gizmo allows you to make free calls to landline and mobiles phones to 60 countries, and offers free voicemail service. It presents itself as a serious competitor to Skype.

VoipStunt is an international VoIP service based in Germany. It works in a manner similar to Skype, in that it has a application installable on a computer, and a service which can be obtained online. VoIPStunt has gained some popularity lately among softphone users due to its free calls to PSTN (landline) phones over some common destinations. There is a list of countries to which you can call free, according to www.voipstunt.com, but how free is free? Can it be better than Skype?

What is Skype?
What is Skype? With more than 100 million registered users, Skype is the most popular voice communication service in the world. The number of people using skype outnumbers that of all other VoIP service providers together. The Skype service comes with an application software, which is why many people think of Skype as being only a software,...

Skype’s Major Features
This article will help you figure out quickly what you can get out of Skype and maybe change the way you use it, or even start using it. Here is a brief overview of Skype’s features, categorized in several groups, each containing numerous features

The SkypeIn Service
Skype In is the service you should have if you want to receive a call from a PSTN or cell phone on your computer using Skype. This is a very interesting option, especially if you want to be reachable from anywhere locally as well as internationally while on the move.

The SkypeOut Service
If you want to phone someone from your Skype softphone using your computer, you can do so using SkypeOut, which allows you to make phone calls to just anyone with a PSTN phone or cell phone, and not just a Skype softphone user.

Test Your Skype Setup With Kerli
Before using Skype, you can test whether you have well configured the software and whether your hardware is working properly with it. Skype offers an automatic user called echo123, which you can use to test that. Here is how.

VoIP Codecs - What is a Codec?
Here is a list of the most common codecs used in VoIP for encoding and compressing voice, with comments.

Microsoft Readies VoIP for Office
Microsoft acquires a Swiss software company that specializes in voice-over-IP applications with a view to adding such a function to its Office products.

VoIp Software For Your Business
Offers free advice on VoIP software purchase, based on price, performance and quality.

The 3 Ways of Making Skype Calls
The 3 Ways of Making Skype Calls

Is Skype Too Expensive?
Is Skype too Expensive? Have your say. Share your opinions and experiences with us on what you think the price of Skype is.

Tell Us How You Use Skype
How Do You Use Skype? Tell us how you use the world's most popular Internet phone. Show and tell your Skype experience. See submissions

Gmail Calling Review – Google International Calling
Gmail Calling Review – Google now offers the possibility of making and receiving international calls for cheap and free. Standing as a competitor for Skype by offering similar services, Google Calling allows people to make free PC-to-PC calls and cheap calls (as low as 2 cents per minute for some destinations) to and from mobile and landline phones. 2 cents per minute is not the cheapest on the market, but is among the cheapest, and it definitely cheaper than Skype.

How Would You Rate Skype?
Skype is the most popular VoIP service and chances are you are one of the half a billion users using Skype. How would you rate the service and the application? Write your own review and share with us. Also, read how others rate Skype. See submissions

What Are the Requirements For Being Able to Communicate Using Skype?
Skype Requirements - What are the basic requirements for being able to communicate using Skype? Using Skype is a good first step to experiencing the some of the great advantanges of Voice over IP. Before being able to make and receive calls on Skype, you will need the following:

Which Operating Systems Are Supported By Skype?
Operating Systems Supported By Skype - Which operating systems are supported by Skype? Here is a table.

API Defined - Application Programming Interface
What is an API? API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a set of tools, standards, routines or functions that a programmer or skilled user can use to build applications in a certain field. All common programming languages have APIs, and some have their APIs so enhanced that users can develop whole applications without great...

Is Skype a VoIP Service or VoIP App?
Is Skype a VoIP Service or VoIP App? Before answering this question, let us see what both VoIP Service and VoIP App mean.

Using VoIP on Your Mac
VoIP on Your Mac - If you use a Mac, there are many VoIP services and software out there that allow you to make free and cheap VoIP phone calls on your Mac. Since Windows is more spread, VoIP providers offer softphones that are firstly Windows-compatible and it is quite frustrating to find there isn’t a Mac-version softphone of the VoIP service...

Use Skype or Other VoIP Apps for Home Surveillance
Use Skype or Other VoIP Apps for Home Surveillance - Skype or any VoIP Application of its can be used as a tool for home surveillance, allowing you to keep an eye on what's happening back home whenever you are away.

VoIP Apps
What is a VoIP and what is it good for? Let's see why we use VoIP apps, their requirements, the types of VoIP apps and their inconveniences.

VoIP App for Any Service
X-Lite is one of the most popular softphones on the VoIP market. It is the most basic of the line of VoIP apps that Counterpath offers, and it is the only free product. X-Lite is not attached with any VoIP service

EyeBeam Review - Full-Fledged VoIP Softphone App
EyeBeam is a full-fledged SIP-based softphone VoIP app that allows you to have a sophisticated voice and video communication experience whether you are an individual user or part of a business. It is more of a multimedia communicator than a simple VoIP app. EyeBeam is not attached to any VoIP service, meaning that you need to have a service to...

Bria Review
Bria is one of the most enhanced VoIP softphone apps on the market, and Counterpath’s flagship product. Bria is aimed as a complete replacement for the hardware phone with all its features, and also as complete communication management tool for businesses and individuals alike. Bria is not free, but is fully loaded with features, which also make...

How To Obtain a SIP Account
How To Obtain a SIP Account - SIP is a protocol that gives you a unique identification (a SIP number or address) on the Internet that you can use as a phone number or email address to make and receive voice calls for free to any other SIP user worldwide, or for cheap to any other landline or mobile user. Here is how you can get a SIP account.

How To Configure a SIP Softphone App
How To Configure a SIP Softphone App - You can use a SIP-based VoIP softphone app to make and receive voice calls without being tied to one specific service provider. For that, you just need a SIP account and the softphone app installed on your computer. Here is how you can configure the whole to get going with the VoIP calls. The steps will be...

Jitsi SIP Softphone Review
Jitsi is a Java-based communication tool that offers a lot of features and allows SIP-based calls. Jitsi supports voice and video calls and gives all the functionalities of an Instant Messaging software. It offers a nice interface and runs on many platforms. It also offers conference calls over SIP and allows you to connect to many other...

Empathy IM Review
Empathy IM is an open-source instant messenger app for Linux. It comes as default VoIP IM app with many Linux distributions. It is basic by has what it takes to make voice and video communication great. Also, it is multi-procotol, in that it allows you to manager different accounts like Facebook, Yahoo, Google Talk, and some others, at the same...

There is No Linux Version for My VoIP App. What Do I Do?
There is No Linux Version for My VoIP App. What Do I Do? If your favorite VoIP service does not have a Linux version of its client app, and you are using Linux, can you still use the service?

Call Me Option
Skype click-to-call buttons can be used to prompt viewers to call you from your web site or from your email message. These buttons are free and can be easily customized and embedded.

Mumble - Group Voice Chat for Online Gaming
Mumble is one of the best VoIP apps out there for voice chat during online gaming. It offers great voice quality and stability, and is free and open source.

Fongo Review - Canada VoIP Service
Fongo review - VoIP service for Canadians

Skype 5.11 – Integration with Windows Tools and Facebook
Skype 5.11 review - The new version of Skype that is launched by Microsoft, allowing integration of Microsoft tools using Windows Live ID, and Facebook

Ekiga Softphone Review
Ekiga is an open-source VoIP softphone app that includes the functionalities of a voice softphone, video conferencing tool and instant messaging tool. It is available for Windows and Linux, is completely free and is simple to use. Though it does not come with a ton of features, it offers user-friendliness and seamless SIP communication.

Skype Premium
Skype Premium is an enhanced version of the free VoIP service that removes some of the restrictions. It allows unlimited free calls to other phones in a country of your choice, multi-party video conferencing and some other features.

Gmail Voice and Video Chat
Gmail Voice and Video Chat Plug-in for Voice and Video Chat in Your Browser

Google Talk App
Google Talk App Review - Free Voice and Text Chat on Your Desktop

Media5-Phone – SIP App for iOS and Android
Media5-Phone – SIP App for iOS and Android phone review

Facebook Messenger for the iPhone and Android
Facebook Messenger for the iPhone and Android. Free calls to other facebook users. SMS and photo sharing.

What is Multitasking in Smartphones?
Description of how multitasking works in smartphones, especially the iphone and Android.

What is Skype WiFi?
What is Skype WiFi? Skype Has Paid WiFi Hotspots Around The World that you can use to make calls and to do any other thing on the Internet

Viber 4.0 Updates – Viber Out and Voice Messaging

Open Source VoIP Apps
Open source apps for free voice calls, video calling, online chatting and instant messaging. SIP clients.

Making Free Calls on iOS with FaceTime Audio
How to make free voice calls worldwide on FaceTime Audio with the new iOS 7 on your iPhone and iPad. Requirements, setting up and making calls.

Skype a Decade Old and Still Most Popular
Skype is more than a decade old now and still going strong and much liked by VoIP users. Microsoft is still grooming the app and service to remain the most popular tool for online communication.

Adding Contacts to Viber
I can’t contact someone using Viber on my phone, even though he is using Viber. How do I add him to my Viber contact list?

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