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Are you a software developer? Learn about tools for developing VoIP software applications. Get tips and links to open-source tools for Voice Over IP.
  1. SIP and H.323 (6)

What is SIP - Session Initiation Protocol
SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. It is complementary with VoIP since it provides signaling functions to it. Apart from VoIP, it is used in other multimedia technologies as well, like online games, video and other services.

What is Asterisk?
All you need to know about Asterix, the open source PBX.

Open Source VOIP Software
Open Source VOIP applications, both clients and servers. SIP Proxies and other tools.

Open Source Telephony Using Asterisk and VOIP
Asterisk supports a wide range of features including interactive voice response systems, voice mail, call queues, and many other features. The application gateway interface allows Asterisk to connect custom software to your telephone system providing almost limitless power. Asterisk is the bridge that connects the phone network to the computer network.

Cool VoIP Hacks Using Asterisk
Many coders are out there building front-ends for Asterisk, but they aren't hacks - they're spendy, glossy, and preconfigured. Here's some of the cooler projects

What is ENUM?
ENUM stands for E.164 Number to URI Mapping. E.164 is the number system that governs the structure of phone numbers. Consider E.164 as being the stuff behind any mobile or landline phone number. URI stands for Uniform Resource Identifier, which is a unique name used to identify and locate a resource on the Internet, like a web page, a SIP...

OpenTok – Build Your Own Free Video Chat App
OpenTok was formerly TokBox. It allows you to build Your Own Free Video Chat App and Host Video Conferencing Sessions of Up to 1000 Participants on Your Web Site.

Asterisk Explained
Asterisk is a free open-source PBX and unified communications system that is very powerful with lots of features. You can use it to build a complete telephony solution for your small or large business.

GUI Asterisk Platforms

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