1. Technology

Getting the Most out of VoIP


There are certain things you should know to be able to make your VoIP experience as great as possible. These include the hardware and equipment, tips and tricks, security and some other things. VoIP not also handles voice, but also video and data. Here are your resources.
  1. Requirements and Setting Up
  2. VoIP Equipment/Hardware
  3. Tips And How To's
  1. VoIP Security
  2. Faxing over IP
  3. Recording Your Calls

Requirements and Setting Up

Before setting off with VoIP, apart from having a service, there are both basic and additional requirements based on your communication needs. Here is what you need to get set.

VoIP Equipment/Hardware

Simple VoIP requires very little equipment. More advanced VoIP communication requires more sophisticated hardware. What is the equipment for VoIP?

Tips And How To's

Tips, tricks and hacks. Useful things that help you get the most out of your VoIP.

VoIP Security

Since it is a network technology relying hugely on the Internet, VoIP is quite exposed to numerous security hazards.

Faxing over IP

Fax messages can also be sent and received over IP networks and the Internet. Here is how you can go about doing that.

Recording Your Calls

It is possible, and sometimes important, to have phone calls recorded. VoIP makes this task considerably easier and more fun for us, especially corporates.

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