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Getting Started With VoIP - What You Need


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Set Up Your VoIP

Unless you are deploying VoIP in your business, setting it up and getting it running is a breeze. With each service comes the instructions for setting up, of which some are good and some less so.

With software-based VoIP, the setting up is quite generic: download the application, install it on your machine (be it a PC, PDA, mobile phone etc.), register for a new user name or number, add contacts and start communicating. For paid softphone service, buying credit is one step before starting to communicate.

With hardware-based VoIP, you have to plug your ATA to your Internet router and plug your phone to the ATA. Then, there are certain configurations to make, which are commonly achieved using a PC. For some services, it is quite straight forward, while for some others, you will a tweak or two, and maybe a phone call or two to the support service before kicking start.

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