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Skype To Go – Using Skype on Just Any Phone


What is Skype To Go?:

Skype To Go brings an interesting thing into VoIP communication, that of being able to make cheap VoIP calls without needing what would otherwise make it difficult or downright impossible. Among them are a special phone that would support the Skype application (provided there is a Skype application for it), a PC (which suggests lack of or limited mobility), Internet connectivity (Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE etc.).

With Skype To Go, you use any phone you want, even a prehistoric one, and make the calls. These calls are channeled through your local phone service network, landline or cellular, to reach your correspondent through the Internet, the part which makes the calls cheaper.

How it Works:

You are in New York and your contact is in Canberra. You give Skype their phone number and Skype gives you back a phone number in your contact’s area code. That virtual phone number would be linked to your contact’s real number and each time you call the former, the latter rings.

You can have up to 9 phone numbers, and you can save the phone numbers you receive in your phone’s contact list since they are not volatile.

One serious limitation of the service is that it is, at the time I am writing this, offered in only 20 countries.

What Does it Cost?

The phone numbers are free. The calls are, of course, not. But they are cheaper than traditional calls you would make to your contact’s real number. This is VoIP. There are certain important things to consider in the cost.

First, add to the cost the local part of the call, that which transits through your landline or PSTN phone before reaching Skype’s network. For instance, if you are using your cellular phone for the call, you would pay the normal calling rate for a local GSM call. Plus the Skype rates. Skype rates are indeed very cheap, but only compared to traditional phone rates. This is VoIP. But when compared to other VoIP services, Skype’s rates aren’t the cheapest. But it will be worth in cases where you value the ease of not needing Wi-Fi or 3G, a special phone, a PC etc.

What You Need

To be able to use Skype To Go, you need

  • To be a subscribed Skype user, which you could be in the next couple of minutes, if you are not already one.
  • To have Skype credit.
  • A phone. Just any phone, fixed or mobile.

You can set up Skype To Go there.

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