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sipgate VoIP Service Review

SIP-Based Phone Service - Cheap Phone Calls and a Free Phone Number

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sipgate is a VoIP phone service provider that strives to replace landline phone services. sipgate gives you a free phone number through which you can receive calls for free, and a lot of free phone features. Calls between sipgate users are free, and are cheap ($1.9) within the US and Canada. Calls to other destinations worldwide are lower as well compared to landline rates, but not among the lowest on the VoIP market.

sipgate Service Plans

With sipgate, users can replace their landline phone system. They can either use a softphone, which sipgate offers for free, or use their traditional home phone with a phone adapter (ATA). sipgate can also be used on mobile phones. The free number offered can be used to ring many phones on a single call.

sipgate’s most prominent service plan is called sipgate One, which offers the basic for free. This is meant for primarily tech-savvy residential users, who can benefit from the additional features and/or savings. Users can either use their softphone application or set up a SIP account which is about as difficult as setting up a printer.

This review is mainly on the sipgate One free service. There are however three other service plans, namely sipgate 3, 5, and 10. These plans allow respectively 3, 5 and 10 users, groups and locations. The prices start at around $20. Compare the service plans there.

sipgate Prices

The entire service, if used to answer calls on a SIP phone is free - including the U.S. phone number. Calling other sipgate users is free as well. There are no restrictions in terms of usage. Outgoing and forwarded calls are on a metered plan at 1.9 cents per minute to the U.S. and Canada.

This means that local US calls are billed at this price, which makes it better than mobile GSM rates, but it still has to desire those services that allow free calls within the US. Calls to other destinations worldwide vary widely in range, some nearly reaching half a dollar per minute, which the cheapest is 1.9 cents. The rate depends on the destination.

sipgate Features

  • Ring multiple phones at once (such as at work and at home) on the same number
  • Transcriptions for voicemail - either by email or through our mobile apps
  • sipgate calls can be forwarded to any phone worldwide, such as when traveling
  • Inexpensive calls from abroad (at 1.9 ct a minute)
  • Phone conferences at no extra cost
  • Call recording
  • Notifications (missed calls, voicemails, etc.)

Sipgate Pros

  • A U.S. phone number that rings any SIP phone worldwide if offered free.
  • That number can be used to ring multiple phones at once.
  • The sipgate service is flexible; it can be tailored to be used with desktop software, mobile apps, hardware phones, etc.
  • It comes with a free voicemail including transcriptions.
  • It allows for range of sophisticated call routing and notification functions.
  • sipgate also provides free PC and Mac software as well as iPhone and Android apps to go with the service.
  • Supports SIP
  • All the features listed above

sipgate Cons

  • Number portability not supported.
  • Mobile app works only for the iPhone and Android phones.
  • Numbers offered only from 27 states in the US
User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
Can't Receive Calls, Member stevec5000

This service is cheap, easy to setup and get working but it will only work to call out most of the time and can't receive calls. When I go to the webpage to check my service it always says I'm off line but I know that's not true since I get a dial tone and can call out. At first I was using a Sunrocket box and thought that might be the problem so I switched to an Aastra phone but still have the same problem and can't receive calls. Today I was looking at the setting on the website and it switched to Online and I could receive a test call but then it switched to Offline again and stopped working . After that the website went down and I can't login or get to the settings anymore. While this looks like a good service at first glance it's not much good if it's not going to be reliable and can't receive calls.

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