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Axvoice VoIP Service Provider Review

Cheap Plans

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Axvoice provides VoIP service to residents in the US and Canada and offers more or less the same stuff in the packages as other VoIP service providers. When asked about what would entice a user to choose the service, a representative said that what gives them the edge over the competition is the lower price, starting at $5 a month for 1.5 cents per call, and flexibility of service. The service has a number of features, free hardware and 911 service.


  • Cheap plans
  • 1.5 cents per minutes for more than 50 worldwide destinations
  • 911 calls
  • Hardware offered


  • Few international destinations covered


Axvoice compares its rates with those of Vonage. When you subscribe for $5 a month, you get calls for 1.5 cents. You only pay for calls you make. You can use your account as a calling card, with no monthly fee. For 200 minutes within the US and Canada, it is $6 monthly and unlimited calls to the US and Canada come for $8.25 monthly. Calls to other Axvoice customers are free. Among the features are phone number portability, VoIP codecs, voicemail, enhanced voicemail, SIP support etc.
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 5 out of 5
I am Satisfied With Axvoice, Member Rebeca0808

Last month I decided to give in after my daughter kept bugging me to death about using Axvoice.com. She has been crazy about it ever since she started using it. Long distance really puts up a barrier between our family and it was burning a hole in my wallet. Thank fully I found a plan that was more affordable and I didnít have to switch numbers. Customer support was great, they took me step by step through a problem I was having with my battery. Not that I'm racist or anything, but I was glad that the rep was American it made me feel a lot more comfortable. I am happy about the decision I made. I saved a great deal of money out of it.

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