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VoIP Services and Solutions

Looking for a VoIP service? Here you will find what you need on VoIP products on the market - services and solutions, packages, comparisons and reviews of top VoIP service providers.
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How to Obtain a Phone Number That Rings Multiple Phones
It is interesting, and even important for some, to have multiple phones ring on one incoming call. You might want your home phone, office phone, mobile phone, including those of your family or workers, to ring at the same time on an incoming call. To do that, you need a PBX configured for that, which is quite expensive, both as a service and in terms of equipment. There are fortunately some serv…

How to Get a Free Phone Number?
Normally, you get a phone number only when you pay for a phone or VoIP service. The number comes with the service. Now, with the evolution of communications and the advance in VoIP, there are a bunch of services out there that give you a free phone number, often in a package with a lot on interesting features. Here are some ways you can get a...

Phonebooth Free - Free Local Phone Number That Can Ring Multi…
Phonebooth Free Review - Phonebooth Free service offers a free phone number for your area that you channel incoming calls to up to five different phones, fixed and mobile. It poses as a serious alternative to Google Voice, and also offers a paid upgrade for outgoing calls. The Phonebooth Free service is offered by Bandwidth.com, which is a major player on the VoIP market. The features offered for…

3Jam - an Alternative to Google Voice
3Jam Review. 3Jam is a service that provides 'cloud' phone numbers that can be used to contact a number of phones. It is an alternative and hence a competitor to Google Voice, but unlike the latter, it is not free. The price covers the expanded features and facilities it offers that Google Voice does not.

A Comparison Between the Two Services
There are numerous reasons for which a user would choose paid 3Jam over free Google Voice. You will want to consider the following before deciding either to pay for 3Jam or to be content with what Google Voice offers for free.

International Phone Calls Through a Click
FriendCaller, is a German VoIP service that allows you to make Internet phone calls through your computer by simply clicking on a link in your browser. It is handy for people who don't want to install softphone applications normally associated with VoIP service. Such a tool is interesting for social networking sites like Facebook. It is a click-to-call service that is Java-based and therefore wor…

IPvaani VoIP Service Review – Free Unlimited International Calls
IPvaani VoIP Service Review - IPvaani is a VoIP service that allows users to communicate for free at any time for any duration. There are no monthly bills. Users only have to acquire once off the necessary hardware and use it to make unlimited local and international phone calls for free. It does not depend on a computer, unlike Skype and other service like it, but also has the drawback of allowing communication only to contacts using IPvaani as well.

Voxofon Review – Cheap International Calling VoIP Service
Voxofon is one of the many phone services that offer the possibility of making international calls using mobile phones for very cheap, compared to the high rates of pure GSM and other traditional services. Calls are initiated using GSM network and the rest is handed over to VoIP.

Where to Buy ooma?
Buy ooma - You want to kill your monthly phone bill and want to try ooma. Where do you go to buy ooma?

VoIP Providers – Which VoIP Providers to Choose?
VoIP Providers - One requirement to get started using VoIP is to choose one or more among the numerous VoIP providers. In order to choose a VoIP service, you need to decide what type of VoIP communication you want to have, as the VoIP providers offer different types of services.

Have Your Say on The Top Residential VoIP Service Providers
Which residential VoIP service provider you think is the best? Given a list of the most prominent VoIP service providers in the US, how would you rate and rank them? Any service you think is missing in the list? Have your say here.

Raketu Review - Cheap Phone Calls and Multiple Services
Raketu Review - Raketu is a communications, social networking, information and entertainment service that is accessible on any device. People like to refer to Raketu as Skype meets MySpace meets YouTube meets Joost. Raketu offers these services in a unified manner. In this review, we will focus mainly on the communication side of the service, since what interests us most is its VoIP offering.

iNum - A Worldwide Phone Number To Ring Your Phone Anywhere You Are
iNum - iNum is a service that provides a global phone number that can be used to ring on your phone anywhere you are in the world. In other words, it transcends boundaries and distances, thereby eliminating the worries of area codes and expensive rates.

1ButtonToWifi Review - Cheap Mobile International Calls Through A Box
1ButtonToWifi Review - 1ButtonToWifi is a VoIP service based on a device that allows you to make long distance and international calls for very cheap - starting at 2 cents per minute. You can also use your mobile phone with the service. Calls from one 1ButtonToWifi box to another are free.

VoIP Services And Applications For The iPhone
Many of you have been seduced by Apple's iPhone ( compare prices ), or are just using it out of curiosity. One thing that will definitely improve your iPhone experience is to be able to make cheap, if not free, phone calls using your iPhone.

Adtran Netvanta 7100 - Experience Sharing On The System
Interview with Todd from Pedcor Companies has deployed the Adtran Netvanta 7100 VoIP system in its company, and shares his experience of the system with us.

Adtran Netvanta 7100 Review - VoIP Solution For Small And Medium Businesses
Adtran Netvanta 7100 Review - Adtran Netvanta 7100 is a VoIP system designed for small and medium businesses that do not want to spend huge amounts of money into deploying VoIP and that do not have the skilled personnel required to support large complex systems. The low cost and all-in-a-box integration of many features and functionalities makes this complete system a serious contender on the SMB VoIP market - it is a very good system for small businesses.

Vonage Pro VoIP Service Plan
Vonage Pro is an improved service above Vonage's residential VoIP service plan, that adds some mobility to it. Although it is primarily targeted towards professional consumers, it will surely interest many residential callers, especially those who have to make and receive calls at home and away from home.

tollfreeforwarding.com Review - International Business Toll-Free Virtual Numbers
tollfreeforwarding.com review - tollfreeforwarding.com is a service that offers international toll-free virtual phone numbers in more than 75 numbers and 300 cities around the world. It aims at providing an international presence for businesses worldwide.

ooma Review- Free Phone Calls, No Monthly Bills
ooma Review - ooma is a VOiP service that allows completely free calls to all users, landline and mobile, to the US and Canada, and very cheap international calls. ooma rids you of monthly bills. You just have to buy the device once off and you never pay after that for making calls.

Device-Based VoIP - Ridding Your VoIP of Monthly Bills
Device-Based VoIP - Ridding Your VoIP of Monthly Bills -Comparison Between ooma, Phonegnome and MagicJack

Phonegnome Review
Phonegnome - In this review of the Phonegnome VoIP services, we mainly focus on the Phonegnome box, that allows you to make free and cheap calls using your regular phone; and also on the other services Phonegnome offers, like its softphone, business service, mobile service etc.

How Students Can Save On Phone Calls
How Students Can Save On Phone Calls - Students needing to call family and friends back home can make long distance and overseas international calls for cheap or free by using VoIP. Here is how.

Device Based VoIP Services
Device Based VoIP services are good for people who don't want to get bothered with monthly bills. You buy a piece of hardware and you make free calls ever after.

Mobile VoIP Services
It is great to bring the benefits of VoIP to your mobile phone. It allows you to considerably cut down your mobile communication costs. You can also, in certain cases, make calls for free, even international calls. But there are certain prerequisites that you already need to have, like a phone compatible with the service and a data connection plan.

Software Based VoIP Services
Software Based VoIP Services allow users to make free calls to other people using the same service on their computers to any destination in the world. The calls are make through an application called a softphone installed on a computer or portable device. Read more here on this kind of VoIP service.

Hardware-Based / Subscription-Based VoIP Service
Hardware-Based or Subscription-Based VoIP Services are very common for households and small businesses. It is best suited for people who want to use VoIP the same way as they do traditional landline phone. The ATA (phone adapter) can be used to connect existing phones and an ADSL Internet line. No need for a PC.

Types Of VoIP Service
One important step into adopting VoIP is to choose and register for a VoIP service, which will allow you to make and receive cheap or free local and international calls. It is important to choose the right type of VoIP service. Your needs and on the way you want to communicate should help you decide which type of VoIP service to choose. The list below shows the existing flavors of VoIP telephony.…

MagicJack VoIP Service Review
MagicJack is a small device that allows you to make unlimited free calls, without paying monthly bills. You can just plug it to your computer on one side and your regular home phone on the other side and start making and receiving phone calls.

VoIP Solutions For Small and Medium Businesses
Deploying VoIP in a small and medium business does not simply replace the existing phone system, but also adds much more features, prestige, quality and fluidity in the organization. The main reason for deploying VoIP into a small business is however the shrinking down of communication costs. Finally, a VoIP system and a traditional phone system do not compare. Those who can afford just do it. He…

ViaTalk Review
VoIP Service Provider ViaTalk Review - ViaTalk is an interesting service provider for both home use and businesses. What draws most people to ViaTalk is the price, even though they have to commit themselves for a year to get the cheapest price. ViaTalk also stands out with the long list of features it has. It also allows users to use their own devices (BYOD), which saves them from paying for activation and shipping.

Ooma - Hardware Based Free VoIP Service
Ooma is a new company launched in 2005 that wants to revolutionize the VoIP by making the service free for a life time. In September 2007, they launch a package whereby you buy their hardware and use their service for free.

Snom 300 IP Phone
The Snom 300 phone offers an interesting list of features and an easy menu navigation. The phone is quite neat and compact, thus saving space, but with large buttons. It can be programmed for up to 6 VoIP accounts. It has two Ethernet connectors. It is a good entry-level phone for its price. Models Snom 320 and Snom 360 are similar to it with some advanced features, as we see in this review.

AT&T CallVantage Review
AT&T CallVantage Review - If you want good call quality, loud volume and little static, then AT&T CallVantage has someo great VoIP service, despite its slightly higher cost. AT&T has a huge experience in telephone service provision and they provider good VoIP service too, with CallVantage.

Broadvoice Review
Broadvoice review - If you make a lot of international calls, Broadvoice is the company to subscribe to. It offers service plans that are specifically tailored to users that call mostly outside the US, without however sacrificing local calls. Another interesting thing with Broadvoice is its BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scheme, whereby you can bring along your own device to be used with the service. Here is a full review of Broadvoice VoIP service.

Packet8 Review
Packet8 Review - Packet8 is one of the best VoIP service providers, offering great call quality at a low. Although the complaints about poor customer service, Packet8 remains a good provider with its many detailed service plans, adapted to all tastes, needs and budgets, including features like video phone and virtual office. Read the pros and cons of the Packet8 service.

VoIP Service Provider - Vonage Review
Vonage Review - Vonage is the leading VoIP service provider company with more than a million subscribers. Read its review with pros and cons.

VoIP Service Plans
A VoIP service plan is a scheme or package that a VoIP provider offers that fits to the needs and budgets of different types of users. Service plans and packages vary from one service provider to another. VoIP service plans are also divided between residential and business.

Choosing Among VoIP Service Providers
Once you have made the decision to switch to VoIP for the communication needs of your home or company, it is important to take your time to compare the different services you have at hand. Gather as much information as possible before making your decision.

Top 5 VoIP Service Providers
Need a good VoIP service? Here are the top 5 Voice over IP service providers, as classified by PC World, based on equipment, cost (local and international), ease of use and quality.

Sign For A VoIP Service
What should you know before registering with a VoIP service provider? Here are top 8 issues to consider before signing-up for a VoIP service, in order to enjoy a hassle-free VoIP service.

Is Your Business Ready For VoIP?
Is Your Business Ready For VoIP? There are a certain number of questions you need to ask yourself while assessing your company’s readiness to welcome VoIP.

VoIP Features - Abundant and Useful
VoIP is known for its abundance of features and sophistication compared to traditional phone system and other communication tools. The features allow you to manage your calls better, enhance your business and services, communicate better as an individual, etc. Here is a list of VoIP features available with your service provider.

Have I Got 911?
Does your VoIP service allows you to make emergency calls like 911? Here is what you can do to make sure you can make these calls any time. Quick solutions.

What is E911?
E911 - Enhanced 911 emergency service. Its availability in VoIP services.

An introduction to VoIP service and a comparison of current providers
Site designed for consumers new to VoIP, voiplife includes an introduction to the service, a comparison of current providers and a regularly updated blog.

Is Skype VoIP Ready for Business?
New small-business Internet phone service features a consolidated billing option--but not much else.

Making Cheap Calls in South Africa
As in the case in most parts of the world, communicators in South Africa do have the possibility of using VoIP to make free or cheap phone calls worldwide. Whether you are in South Africa as a resident, for business or for the World Cup, here are services you can consider for cutting down the cost of your international calls. ?

Nymgo – Dirt Cheap International Calls
Nymgo Review - Nymgo is a good VoIP service whose main strength is its low price. Nymgo charges some of the cheapest rates on the market, much cheaper than Skype. Some destinations are charged at less than half a cent per minute. Nymgo offers good quality calls with a simple application and web interface, and your remaining credit is always shown. You require a computer and a handset to make call…

Business VoIP Solutions for Small Businesses and Large Enterprises
Fonality Business VoIP Solution Review - Fonality offers cloud communications business VoIP solutions that are full-featured for small and large businesses with different plans. Delivered as a monthly service over the Internet, it is a complete business phone system, and includes advanced features such as auto attendant functionality,...

ippi SIP Service Review
ippi SIP Service Review - ippi is a SIP service provider that allows users to make and receive calls through their home phones, SIP-supporting mobile phones and computers. It offers local and international unlimited calling plans, but these plans suffer from not including calls to mobile phones, which are billed separately. ippi poses as a...

What are Skype Connection Fees and How do They Affect Skype Rates?
What are Skype Connection Fees and How do They Affect Skype Rates? Skype applies a connection free above the rate per minute charge on all its SkypeOut calls. SkypeOut calls are those calls made to landline and mobile phones, that is to people not using Skype, as Skype-to-Skype calls are free.

Use Skype as Your Home Phone
You can use Skype as your home phone, or as a side service, in case your monthly bill from your traditional phone service becomes alarming. Skype's monthly subscription for local phones is interesting enough to try.

What is Skype Manager?
Skype manager is an interface that is web-based, allowing you to manage the use of Skype for your business. It offers monitoring of credit, members and other features. In this article, we briefly explore the different things this tool can do for your and your business.

What is TeamSpeak?
What is TeamSpeak? An overview of one of the leading tools for group commnication on the Internet using VoIP. It is mainly used for gamers and professionals.

What is Click-to-Call
What is click-to-call? Click-to-call allows you to place a widget, a button or any clickable object on your web site that will call you or one of your support staff when clicked on. Your site visitors will then be able to talk to a real person and get instant information and help on their inquiries.

Click-to-Call Solutions
Click-to-call allows you to place a button or widget or any clickable object on your website so your visitors can click on it to directly call you. VoIP is used to make voice calls to web site operators and marketers.

Dell Voice Review
Dell Voice is a VoIP service available for people in Canada. It offers unlimited free phone calls to a long list of cities in Canada and cheap call to international destinations.

Fongo Review - Canada VoIP Service
Fongo review - VoIP service for Canadians

Viber Review
Viber Allows Free Calls and Group Messaging Using Your Mobile Number, without needing to register. It is available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

How to Install Viber for Android
Instructions on how to install and set up Viber on your Android and iPhone and make optimum use of it.

KakaoTalk Review – Free Calls and SMS
KakaoTalk is a VoIP service with more than 50 million users that allows you to make free calls and participate in free SMS group messaging with any user in the world using the same app.

Skype Premium
Skype Premium is an enhanced version of the free VoIP service that removes some of the restrictions. It allows unlimited free calls to other phones in a country of your choice, multi-party video conferencing and some other features.

iCall – Text, Voice and Video App
iCall review - VoIP app for free text messaging, voice calls and video conferencing with up to 10 participants. Free calls to any phone in the US and Canada. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android.

Google Chat Tools
Google Chat Tools for Text, Voice and Video Chat Between Google Users

FriendCaller - Internet Phone for Free Voice and Video Calls

What is Google Voice Lite and Why Do People Choose It?
What is Google Voice Lite and Why do People Choose it?

Why Google Voice
Why Google Voice and what it can do for me? This is an overview of the features of Google Voice and the benefits you can take out of them as a user, that will help you decide on whether it is for you or not.

What Google Voice Cannot Do
What limitations does Google Voice have, it isn't and what it cannot do for me?

Web Based Internet Phones
Web Based Internet Phones, browser based voip tools

FreeCall VoIP Service
FreeCall VoIP Service

VoipCheap Free-Calling Service
VoipCheap Free-Calling Service Review

VoipStunt Free-Calling Service
VoipStunt Free-Calling Service review - 60 minutes free call

Ooma Office – Cheap VoIP Solution for Small Businesses
Ooma Office Small Business VoIP Phone System Review - Cheap Price for Big Business Service

Ooma Premier Plan
Ooma Premier Plan Review - Additional features to the no-monthly bill of Ooma basic service, against a monthly fee

How to Obtain a Skype Number?
How to Obtain a Skype Number

What is a Skype Number
What is a Skype Online Number and What is it Good For?

Viber 4.0 Updates – Viber Out and Voice Messaging

How to Make Free Phone Calls to the US and Canada
Tools, services and apps that allow you to make free calls to any landline and mobile phone in the US and Canada, from anywhere.

Google Hangouts Review
Google Hangouts Review - Tool for integrating VoIP into Google+ and other services, allows free voice calls and video conferencing within your browser and across all other mobile devices.

Using Google Hangouts on Your Smartphone
Installing and using Google Hangouts on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet PC.

Ringo Review
Ringo is a phone service that offers cheap international calls without requiring you to have an Internet connection, and ensuring quality.

Kik Messenger
Kik Messenger Review

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