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Requirements and Setting Up

Information on things you need to have in order to use VoIP, including equipment and software, tools, connection type and speed, VoIP service, necessary skills, how much it costs and more.
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  2. VoIP Bandwidth (12)
  3. VoIP Call-Recording (5)

Should You Drop Your Traditional PSTN Landline?
Should You Drop Your Traditional PSTN Landline?

Getting Started With VoIP
Steps to getting started with VoIP - what you need to have and do.

5 Ways To Improve Your VoIP Network
Are you getting the most of the VoIP service on your network? Here are 5 ways to improve your VoIP network.

Connect All Your Home Phones To Your VoIP Service
Want to make use of your conventional phone sets while using VoIP service? Here is how to connect all your home (or office) phones to you VoIP service.

Bandwidth determines connection speed. It is one of the most important, and in some cases, the most expensive requirements for using VoIP. Let's see what types of connections we can have and how good they are.

Things You Need For VoIP
Find out what the requirements are for VoIP service. Get all the information you need to buy and consider when signing up for VoIP services here.

How ADSL Works
ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. The 'asymmetric' part simply means that you can download over the line faster than you can upload - good for home users, who generally download (get things from the Internet) far more than they upload (send things to it).

VoIPTalk Product Setup Guide
Learn how to setup VoIP products of VoIPTalk, and take it as example to setup other vendors' products.

How to Make Overseas Calls
Which numbers to dial when making overseas calls? Let's try to understand what's in a phone number and what to do to correctly call abroad.

How to Stop Producing Echo?
How to Stop Producing Echo. My correspondent says I produce echo. What can I do?

How to Test Your VoIP Connection
How to Test Your VoIP Connection by using Ping

How to Make HD Skype Video Calls
How to Make HD Skype Video Calls

How do I know I have a VoIP connection problem?
How do I know I have a VoIP connection problem? What are the signs?

How Unreliable is VoIP?
Is VoIP as unreliable as people believe it to be? Not is you take care of the other factors on which it depends. Else, VoIP in itself is quire reliable.

Skype Changes From P2P to Client-Server Model
Skype has been using P2P to channel text, voice and video over the Internet since it was created. Now it is ditching P2P for a more conventional client-server cloud-based model. In this article, we see what P2P is, why it was used, and why it is being replaced, with some interrogations on security.

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