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Wi-Fi: The Most Commonly Used Wireless Technology


Wi-Fi is a very common wireless technology that was developed in the 1990s. It is used to connect machines in a LAN. So, Wi-Fi is like a wireless version of Ethernet.

Wi-Fi is technically referred to as the 802.11 protocol. Over time, Wi-Fi has improved, giving rise to different variations of the protocol:


This version operates at 54 Mbps. It is considered as the favorite wireless LAN protocol for IP telephony. The problem with it is distance; beyond 100 feet, you are out of the network.


This version operates at 11 Mbps, but the distance of transmission is 300 feet, which is a considerable improvement over its predecessor. This version is used for public hotspots and small campus environments.


This version is relatively new and is considered as a high-speed replacement for 802.11b. It works at 54 Mbps.

Using VoIP in a Wi-Fi Network

With the Wi-Fi 802.11 networks, you can engage in Internet Telephony by simply using your laptop or any type of computer equipped with a wireless interface card. You can use headphones and microphones or any other special phone provided by your VoIP service provider.
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