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VoIPYo - Cheap International Calls

Free Calling to the US and Canada


VoIPYo is an app for smartphones that allows you to make very cheap calls to anywhere in the world. The first thing to note about it is that it its rates are among the cheapest on the VoIP market, with less than a cent to many destinations worldwide. Also, calls to the US and Canada are free. There is however no free calls between VoIPYo users. So the service is quite basic but very interesting for cutting cost on international calls.


  • Among the cheapest rates on the market to most destinations.
  • Free calls to the US and Canada
  • Available for most mobile platforms


  • No free calls between VoIPYo users
  • Basic service, without features



Before talking about the service, there is one thing you need to know when you install the app. In fact, the MobileVoIP app is a generic app used by many services of the same kind as VoipYo. Once you install it on your device, you need to register. When you so do, you will be given a long list of those services. Make sure you browse down – because it is sorted in alphabetical order – to VoipYo. Now, you can choose any other service, but make sure you check their rates on their web sites first. I did my homework and those I checked at random did not convince me.

VoIPYo offers calls for less than a cent to many destinations, which makes it one of the cheapest VoIP services on the market. This allows users to save a considerable amount of money on international calling. In fact, it can be cheaper than local cellular phones in many places. Calls to any phone in the US and Canada are also free. Only a handful services offer this. VoIPYo charges VAT, but given the low rates, the addition is nearly negligible.

However, unlike most VoIP services, there is no possibility for making free calls with other users of the same service. So, basically, calls are intended mostly towards non-VoIP users, to mobile and landline numbers. It can therefore be used as a complement for all the other VoIP giving free in-network calls, like Skype.

Not giving free in-network calls is in fact the very reason that makes the paid calls so cheap. Companies subsidize the free calls from the paid calls, and use the free calls to get people to use their service and increase their user base, making them potential clients for the paid services. VoIPYo works differently.

You need to have your smartphone connected to the Internet to make the calls, as is the case with all VoIP services. Don’t forget to consider the cost of 3G and 4G data plans, which adds in the call rate. For real saving, choose WiFi.

The app you need to install offers a basic interface for calling and credit management. There is no more for a more complex interface as the service does not have the bells and whistles of other VoIP services, and no other features. The benefit is singular – call for free and cheap.

The app is available for most smartphone platforms: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian (for Nokia phones) and Windows. You can get the download links on VoIPYo’s main page.

Once the app is downloaded and installed, you have to register. Prior to making calls, you need to buy credit through your credit card.

Finally, at the time I am writing this, the app is scoring only 3.8 out of 5 on Google Play. There are still improvements to make to the interface and the call quality.

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