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Mobile and Wireless VoIP

Mobile and wireless VoIP will be very common in the near future. See how VoIP can take advantage of the the different wireless technologies, and how you can benefit from it.

ChatON vs. Viber
ChatON vs. Viber - Comparison Between ChatON and Viber

Talkatone – Google Voice’s VoIP Add-On
Talkatone allows you to use your Google Voice account without paying for cellular minutes. If you have a GV account, you can make free calls to any phone in the US and Canada, and cheap calls to other phones around the world. It is interesting only for GV users, though, and therefore foro US residents.

Skype vs. Viber: Which is Better?
Skype vs. Viber: Which is Better? Comparison Between Skype and Viber Apps for Smartphones

Is VoIP over 3G Worth It?
VoIP over 3G - Is it Worth? We know VoIP's worth as a means of cutting down communication cost, so the question is not on VoIP's worth but rather on that of using 3G for it. Is it worth paying for a 3G data plan for VoIP calls? Everyone knows VoIP calls can be very cheap when they are not free, but are they still cheap compared to traditional GSM calls when they are made using 3G connectivity? If…

VoIP over 3G - Is It Worth?
VoIP over 3G - Is It Worth? We know VoIP's worth as a means of cutting down communication cost, so the question is not on VoIP's worth but rather on that of using 3G for it. Is it worth paying for a 3G data plan for VoIP calls? Everyone knows VoIP calls can be very cheap when they are not free, but are they still cheap compared to traditional GSM calls when they are made using 3G connectivity? If…

Using VoIP on Android Phones
Android is an operating system specially adapted for mobile phones and handsets launched by Google. If you are using a phone running Android, like the Nexus One, the HTC Hero, the Samsung Galaxy, to name but a few, you can take advantage of the power of VoIP to make free or cheap calls on your mobile. First, you need a connection, either through...

Skype on BlackBerry How to Use Skype on Your BlackBerry Device
Blackberry devices are good candidates for making the most of wireless/mobile VoIP. There is an interesting number of VoIP applications and services that allow BlackBerry users to make free or cheap calls. However, many BlackBerry users are not satisfied, because for them, VoIP means Skype. Being the most popular VoIP service, with half a...

Cheap International Calls but Not to Everyone and Not on Any Phone
Vonage Mobile Review - Vonage Mobile is a very interesting service that can make you save a lot of money on international calls and provide you convenience in communication if you live in the US, you use an iPhone, iPod or a BlackBerry machine, and better still if you are already a Vonage customer.

Share Your WiMAX Experience
Share your WiMAX experience

VoIP and WiMAX – An Ideal Blend?
VoIP and WiMAX – An Ideal Blend? In this article, we see how VoIP and WiMAX can make an ideal blend for future communications. We look at the following: the need for wide area wireless broadband, the WiMAX opportunity, WiMAX challenges, how VoIP may save WiMAX, and how to get started with VoIP over WiMAX.

Using WiMAX Technology
Using WiMAX Technology - WiMAX is a wireless technology for wide area networks that offers Internet connectivity for large areas. In this article, we explore WiMAX considering its requirements, performance and cost.

What is WiMax?
What is WiMax - WiMax stands for WorldWide Interoperability for Microwave Access and is technically referred to by the IEEE as 802.16. It is a wireless wide area network (WAN) that can cover what DSL lines can cover, but without wires. It can give Internet connectivity to computers in the way GSM has given phone connectivity to mobile phones and made them replace fixed landline phones.

What is a Femtocell?
femtocell, femtocells, what is a femtocell, femtocell definition

WiFi – WiFi Explained
WiFi Explained - WiFi (also written Wi-Fi) stands for Wireless Fidelity. WiFi is a wireless network technology that allows computers and other devices to be connected to each other into a LAN and to the Internet without wires and cables. WiFi is also referred to as WLAN, which stands for wireless LAN, and 802.11, which is the technical code for the protocol.

Hotspot – What is a Hotspot?
Hotspot - A hotspot is a small area that gives wireless Internet access through WiFi. WiFi (also written Wi-Fi) is a wireless technology that allows LANs to be set up without wires between devices. So to have a hotspot, you only need to have a wireless router connected to a broadband Internet line. The router will generate the WiFi signals in a sphere and any WiFi-enabled computer or device in that sphere, which is finally the region of the hotspot, can connect while being inside it.

GSM - GSM Definition
GSM - GSM is also known as cellular network and is the main protocol for communication using mobile phones. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communication.

MO-Call Mobile VoIP Service Review
MO-Call Mobile VoIP Service Review - MO-Call is a VoIP service that allows you to use your mobile phone to make cheap or free international calls using your GSM network. You can use MO-Call VoIP service on over 1600 mobile models, including BlackBerry models and the iPhone.

What is MiFi - MiFi Defined
What is MiFi? MiFi definition with its advantages and disadvantages. MiFi is a small device that allows you to carry a Wi-Fi hotspot along with you and remain connected anywhere you go.

MiFi Intelligent Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot 2200 and 2352 Review
MiFi Intelligent Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot 2200 and 2352 Review – MiFi is a small and portable wireless device that gives its carrier a permanent Wi-Fi hotspot wherever he/she goes, thereby remaining connected to the Internet. Developed by Novatel, the MiFi is also called ‘intelligent mobile hotspot’. With a MiFi in a person’s pocket or bag, that cloud remains present everywhere the person goes. Moreover the Wi-Fi cloud allows up to 5 persons to get connected.

Which VoIP Service Makes You Save More on BlackBerry Calls?
Which VoIP Service Makes You Save More on BlackBerry Calls? Share your experience here and see other people's.

UMA Explained
UMA stands for Unlicensed Mobile Access. It is a wireless technology that allows seamless transition between wireless WANS (e.g. GSM, 3G, EDGE, GPRS, etc.) and wireless LAN (e.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth). This means that a user can initiate a call over GSM, for example, and the calls switches from the GSM network to the office’s Wi-Fi network once the user walks into range. And vice-versa.

What Is 3G? | 3G Wireless Technology Defined
3G is a popular wireless network used mainly with mobile phones for mobile connectivity. In this article, 3G is defined and presented in both technical and practical ways.

RF.com Review - Adding Mobility To Your VoIP Services Through Your GSM Network
RF.com is an application that allows you to use your mobile anywhere there is a GSM network to make VoIP calls. You do that through using your existing residential account with Vonage, Gizmo etc., or for free to services like Skype, GoogleTalk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and other IM-based voice calling services, even without an actual account with the service.

Truphone Review
Truphone review - Truphone is a mobile VoIP service that, through a free application that is installed on a mobile phone, allows users to make free or cheap local and international calls from their mobile phones. The main target users of Truphone are iPhone and BlackBerry users, while it also aims at those using high-end business phones or smart phones.

How Can I Make Free Skype Calls On My Mobile Phone?
Free Skype Mobile Calls - Here are ways in which you can make completely free calls on your mobile phone using Skype, to call people locally or internationally. Skype is not that much enhanced for mobile calling, but its popularity requires it to be mobile for so many people.

Vopium Review - Cheap International Calls Seamlessly Over A Mobile Phone
Vopium Review - Vopium offers very cheap international calls over a mobile phone through VoIP. It has the advantage of not requiring an Internet connection through a data plan or Wi-Fi, as it uses the GSM network primarily to route calls through IP networks. Vopium also offers 30 minutes of free calling for trial.

Turning Your iPod Touch Into A Phone
Here is how you can turn your Apple iPod Touch into a mobile phone and make free or cheap local and international calls on it.

Yackie Mobile VoIP Service Review
Mobile VoIP - Making and receiving cheap mobile calls is possible today, but the requirements are still obstacle. Yackie Mobile puts VoIP on a SIM card, thus making cheap mobile telephony more practical and convenient.

VoIP For Mobile Phones
If you intend to considerably cut down the cost of your mobile calls, here is a list of VoIP services that can allow you to save up to 95% on mobile communication. Part of some services are even free.

Getting VoIP Working on Your Palm Treo
The Treo is both a smartphone and a PDA (personal digital assistant). That is, apart from being a full-fledged and full-featured phone, it is also an organizer, a media center, calculator etc. It is a perfect example of a communication convergence device. VoIP on Treo adds more features to the machine …

What is BlackBerry?
BlackBerry - Learn more about BlackBerry, the handheld device primarily designed for email, with many other functions.

VoIP on BlackBerry
VoIP on BlackBerry - How to power up your BlackBerry device to make cheap or free calls, both local and international.

Packet8's MobileTalk Review
MobileTalk is a mobile service from Packet8 that uses VoIP to route international mobile calls to any phone at a cheap rate. The interesting thing is that it does not require a data network like Wi-Fi or 3G, and works using your cell phone carrier.

VoIP For Mobile Phones - Hardware or Software Based?
Mobile VoIP | Hardware or Software Based? A comparison between two of the most prominent VoIP services for mobile phones: Packet8 MobileTalk vs Yeigo.

Running VoIP on a Wireless LAN
Wireless VoIP is the deployment of VoIP over a wireless LAN, using the Wi-Fi technology. It has got the great advantage of mobility, but suffers form someo shortcomings as well.

VoIP and Pocket PCs
The demand for pockets PC’s have taken the lift lately. Pocket PCs allow you to have full connectivity while on the move. Wi-Fi is a privileged wireless technology for getting connectivity to pocket PCs. Read on the use of VoIP on pockets PCs.

Wi-Fi: The Most Commonly Used Wireless Technology
Wi-Fi is a very common wireless technology that was developed in the 1990s. It is used to connect machines in a LAN. So, Wi-Fi is like a wireless version of Ethernet.

Top 4 Wireless Routers
Top 4 Wireless Routers on the market

VoIP on Cell Phones: Read the Fine Print
As low-priced Internet phone services for mobile devices emerge, users should first check the fine print in their cell phone contracts to see if they can take advantage of such offerings. There's a chance they can't.

Mobile Computing: Voice Mail and E-Mail Together
One feature commonly found in Voice over IP services is of particular benefit to mobile professionals: unified messaging. Unified messaging services put faxes, e-mail, and voice mail in one inbox.

Mobile Computing: More VoIP Options
Learn about more interesting and compelling ways of using Internet tehephony, while you are on the move.

Which Wireless Standard is Best for Making Cheap or Free Mobi…
Which Wireless Standard is Best for Making Mobile VoIP Calls? Comparing the Suitability of LTE, WiMAX, 3G, Wi-Fi and GSM Wireless Standards for Free or Cheap Mobile Voice Calls. Mobile VoIP is imposing itself as a means of making phone calls for much cheaper than what it actually costs over GSM and roaming networks. The benefits of mobile VoIP are even more pronounced when the calls are made to i…

Smartphone Glossary
What are smartphones? Smartphones are mobile phones with added features that make them ‘smarter’. This means that apart from being able to make calls using the phone, you have features that a PDA or a computer can offer, like multimedia, productivity tools, connectivity, etc.

Line2 Allows You to Turn Your iPod into an iPhone
Line2 review - Line2 gives you a second phone line and number to be used with your iPhone or iPod. This phone number allows you to bypass AT&T, its restrictions and higher prices. You can thus make free and cheap VoIP calls on your iPhone and iPod without using up AT&T minutes. Installing the Line2 application on an iPod allows you to convert...

Using Your 3G Mobile Phone to Make Free And Cheap Calls
Free and Cheap 3G Mobile Calls - You have a 3G mobile phone or portable device and you have a 3G mobile broadband connection, which you use to check your email, surf the web, download music and other media etc. You can use your 3G mobile phone to make free or very cheap phone calls using VoIP (Voice over IP) applications and services, and to any...

What is Mobile Broadband?
Mobile Broadband - Mobile broadband, also called wireless broadband or simply mobile Internet, is a service that offers you an Internet connection for your mobile device, like a laptop or smartphone. There are a handful of mobile broadband options on the market, like Wi-Fi, 3G, WiMAX, EDGE, LTE etc.

A Review of fg microtec’s SIP Software for BlackBerry and Nokia Phones
fg microtec’s BlackBerry SIP Software - The VoIP client applications are designed for BlackBerry and Nokia business users who want to save money on VoIP calls and take maximum advantage of the fixed-mobile convergence. The application requires SIP configuration with an IP PBX or a Wi-Fi connection.

Using VoIP on the Samsung Galaxy Tab
Using VoIP on the Samsung Galaxy Tab to make free calls or cheap calls. A list of VoIP applications and services that support the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Using Skype on Android
If you want to install and use Skype on your Android phone or tablet, here is what you need to know. Skype for Android is a must for some and a simple way of saving money on cheap calls for others. Skype for Android offers free video calling with great quality.

What is LTE?
LTE Glossary - What is LTE? LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is a new 4G wireless broadband standard. LTE is still in its early days, but the advantages it proposes over existing wireless mobile standards like 3G, WiMAX and GSM making an interesting enhancement if not replacement for these.

Skype for the iPad and iPhone
Skype for the iPad and iPhone - How to install and use Skype on the iPad and the iPhone. A step by step guide.

What is MMS?
MMS - Multimedia Messaging System Explained

Turn Your iPad into a Phone
Turn Your iPad into a Phone - Power your iPad with VoIP and use it as a phone to make and receive free and cheap voice calls.

Ooma Mobile Review
Ooma Mobile - Ooma Mobile is a service that works only for existing Ooma customers, therefore only for people in the US. It allows mobile phone calls within the US at the rate of 1.9 cents per minute, and international calls at very competitive VoIP rates. Ooma injects its PureVoice HD quality in the product, which makes it more interesting. But...

Groove IP - Free Calls Within US and Canada on Your Android
Use Groove IP to make your Android device a free communication center. Use Google Voice and GMail calling to make and receive free calls on your Android device using Grove IP, over a Wi-Fi connection.

How to Install Skype on Android
Installing Skype on Android is notmally easy and straightforward if you have a listed device, but it can be a challenge otherwise. Here are three ways which you can download and install the app.

WhatsApp Free SMS Messenger
WhatsApp is a free app that allows you to send and receive SMS and MMS messages free to your contacts using your mobile phone. WhatsApp works on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phonoe and Nokia.

Pal talk for Mobile Phones
Paltalk - free video conferencing app with multiple parties on your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry mobile phone.

Apps for SIP on Android
Here is a list of apps that allow you to use SIP on Android. They are clients that can be downloaded and installed from Google Play and configured with any free SIP service, for free VoIP calls.

Viber on BlackBerry
Viber on BlackBerry - Downloading, installing and setting up viber on BlackBerry devices

Apps for Free Text Messaging
Apps that you can install on your iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Nokia device to send and receive free text SMS messages.

Free Text Messaging on Your Smartphone
You want to be able to send and received free text messages and sms on your android, iphone, blackberry, windows phone or nokia smartphone? Here is what you need.

Samsung ChatON – IM App Review
Samsung ChatON – IM App Review - Instant Messaging App for Smartphones

Vtok – Google Video Chat on Android and iOS
Vtok – Google Video Chat on Android and iOS - App Review

LINE – Free Mobile Calls and Messages
LINE allows free voice calls and free messages over your Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry devices, but also on your Windows and Mac computer. It also offers a lot of other features. it has a huge userbase. Read review.

ChatON vs. WhatsApp
ChatON vs. WhatsApp: Which is Better? A Comparison Between ChatON and WhatsApp

Alternatives to WhatsApp
Alternatives to WhatsApp - IM and VoIP Apps for Smartphones

Skype on BlackBerry
Skype on BlackBerry - Downloading, installing and setting up Skype on BlackBerry phones

IM and VoIP Apps That Use Your Phone Number to Register
IM and VoIP Apps That Use Your Phone Number to Register - No Username and Password, No Login and Logout

Choosing an IM App for Your Smartphone
Choosing an IM App for Your Smartphone - Factors to Consider When Selecting an Instant Messaging and VoIP App

WeChat Review
WeChat Review - Mobile Communication App Loaded With Features - high quality free voice and video calls, free emoticons, group chatting, social networking etc.

Making Free Calls on iOS with FaceTime Audio
How to make free voice calls worldwide on FaceTime Audio with the new iOS 7 on your iPhone and iPad. Requirements, setting up and making calls.

Choose One VoIP/IM App or Install Them All?
Choose One VoIP/IM App or Install Them All?

Top VoIP Apps For iOS 7 2013
The top VoIP apps for making free and cheap voice and video calls on iOS 7 - year 2013.

VoIPYo – Cheap International Calls
VoiPYo - One of the cheapest services on the market, and free calls to the US and Canada.

MTalk.net Review
MTalk review - App that allows you to be contacted through a web address that acts as a click to call handle, no username and no phone number. Works on computers, Android and iOS devices.

Alternatives to Viber
Alternatives to Viber - IM and VoIP Apps for Smartphones

VoIP Apps for Windows Phone
A list of the top VoIP apps for making cheap and free voice and video calls on Windows Phone smartphones

Rebtel Review
Rebtel Review - Cheap international calls using the local cellular network on your mobile phone

Video Calling Apps for Windows Phone
Apps for Windows Phone that allow you to make video calls on your mobile device.

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