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Why Do Companies Want VoIP?


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The number of companies adopting VoIP as their main communication mechanism is increasing exponentially. It is very interesting to know why these companies are shifting to VoIP. The benefits of VoIP are surely numerous and tempting, but the adopting VoIP also implies a number of non-negligible risks, given the drawbacks of VoIP.

An InformationWeek Research study carried out on 280 companies currently using or planning to use VoIP yielded some important characteristics, depicting a much-expected trend. Note that in that survey, multiple responses were allowed.

Here are the top reasons why companies want to adopt VoIP:

Reason Percentage
Lower telecommunications costs 66%
Desire to merge voice and data networks 43%
Obtain a platform for one-stop communications in two or more areas 41%
Increase collaboration benefits in two or more areas 36%
Ease of management 31%
Scalability 24%

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