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VoIP Gift Ideas

Offering A Communication Gift


VoIP Gift Ideas

Souvenir and decorative gifts are nice, but most people like to receive things that are useful and convenient to them, thus making the gift more enjoyable. Something people, young and old alike, enjoy a lot today is communication. But costs cast some shadow over that. VoIP has come around to soothe communication costs. You can offer a VoIP gift to your lover, mum or dad and make communication more fluid and cheap between you and them. It would finally be a gift that benefits you too! Or you could think of a VoIP communication 'package' for two communicating persons, most often couples.

So for these holidays, offering a VoIP gift will be both original and interesting. Here is a list of what I think can make great VoIP gifts.

1. VoIP Service Subscription

The best thing a heavy landline home phone user can do to cut down her cost is to switch to VoIP. This requires a series of simple steps, and one of these is getting a VoIP service. A nice gift could be a VoIP service for a year. There are service providers that offer special prices or bonuses for customers who pay for long periods like that. By offering someone a VoIP service to replace their PSTN line, you are in a way offering them a new VoIP life! See my top list of VoIP service providers. You will also want to know what to consider before choosing a VoIP provider.

The downside to this is that there won't be much of a surprise, since the person to be offered the gift will have to get involved in the registration formalities like number portability. You also need to make sure that the person is capable of withstanding the cost of the service after what you offered runs out. If this is a problem, read the second item below.

2. A VoIP Device That Kills Monthly Bills

Most VoIP service providers give free hardware, and you have to pay every month for the service, for as long as you use it. There are services that make you pay only for the device once, and make calls 'ever after' without ever receiving monthly bills. This is why I find it a great gift idea. Here are some of the few services of the type we have, about which I am sure you want to learn more: ooma, MagicJack, PhoneGnome, 1ButtonToWifi.

3. Softphone Credits

Paying credits in software-based VoIP tools and applications make them complete, by allowing communication with non-VoIP devices as well, like PSTN and mobile phones. To someone who already uses tools like Skype and its likes and alternatives, you can by credit for them as a gift.

4. Gadgets For Web-Based And Mobile Telephony

Headsets (wired and Bluetooth) are necessary for PC telephony, through softphones. A headset is cheap, but that is just any headset. There are headsets that outstand from the others with the audio quality, both at the microphone and the earphones, and others that outstand with their features of convenience and technology. A wireless is just great, isn't it, but relatively more expensive. Prices can go up to around $200. Compare prices for the most popular headsets.

To add more spice to the gift box, or to an already nice audio experience, add video to it. I know you are thinking of the cost now, but many people are enjoying free video conferencing through VoIP today. Have a look at these video conferencing tools and services. So offering a web cam can be the only cost to add video to communication. Compare prices for the most popular web cams.

5. An IP Phone

An IP Phone is VoIP in one single device. You have the ATA (telephone adapter) and tons of other features integrated, and you only need the service. The price is often an obstacle, but it can be a great gift for a heavy hardware-based VoIP user. Here are my top ranked IP phones and wireless IP phones.

6. A 3G/Wi-Fi Cell Phone or A Smartphone

VoIP is unleashing so many possibilities. Now you can use VoIP on your mobile phone for free or very cheap, instead of paying for expensive GSM service. But for some services like Fring, you need a 3G phone. VoIP or not, a 3G cell phone is something great in itself as a gift, but while offering it, a little word about how to save money with mobile VoIP will multiply the excitement by ten, or maybe more. Then you may ask them to have a look at this list of mobile VoIP services.

If you are offering an iPhone, here are ways to use VoIP on it to save money; and there are those for BlackBerry.

7. Call-Recording Software/Tool

Besides fun, there are plenty of other reasons for recording VoIP calls. The best call-recording tools and software are the paid ones, and one offered to a VoIP user is very likely to please. Here is a list of the most popular call-recording software and tools.

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