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SendHub Review

Hosted PBX Phone System


SendHub provides a hosted PBX service that aims at making communication management easy for small businesses. It provides a fully mobile hosted PBX and requires no set up at all. There is no hardware required. They call themselves a BYOD service but you actually don’t really bring your own device; you bring no additional device but your phones and computers. SendHub provides a number of phone lines for your co-workers and employees, which they can use with their smartphones, tablets and computers. It also provides user analytics and management tools, giving you full control and visibility into your business’s communication.

SendHub is a cost-effective and intuitive service. It allows businesss to manage the communication between their clientele as well as their employees with complete autonomy. Phone lines can be added or deleted at the account owner’s liberty. Groups can be created, joined or uploaded by the account administrator, allowing for the SendHub account owner to personalize their Business Phone System in the way that suits them best. When employees travel abroad, you can still use SendHub to text & call US and Canadian numbers over WiFi or data.


What does a business require to be able to use SendHub? The end users must have either an Android or Apple phone/tablet, or computer with an internet connection to operate their phone number. No hardware is required to use SendHub.

Every team member gets a phone line for free with most of the functions and features one would expect in a business phone system: auto attendant, call transfer, call hold, voicemail transcription, file sharing, contact sharing and CRM integration.

What does it Cost?

One interesting difference with SendHub is that it does not require you to engage yourself with your credit card number and other payment stuff. Registration is free and simple. You don’t even pay for the lines. You pay only when you start using them, by buying credits. All calls and texts within the network, that is between SendHub users, are unlimited and free. For instance, you can make and receive calls from your fellow workers using SendHub for free. This does not mean that communication is free in all circumstances – you need to consider a data plan for calls that you need to make on the go, as the service is VoIP-based and requires an Internet connection.

The BASIC plan is completely free, which resets monthly. So for a month, you have 30 free voice minutes to any phone, 100 text messages, 3 groups of 50 participants, and of course unlimited calls and texts to SendHub numbers. The PLUS plan costs $25 and brings 2000 text messages, 20 groups of 200 and more importantly, unlimited calls to any phone. The other plans are the PRO and PREMIUM plans. They cost $50 and $150 a month with a more important number of text messages per month, going up to 10,000. Included is a shortcode access, which is a 5 or 8 digit number used to easily send text messages.

SendHub is For Whom?

The main target market of the service is the mobile business workforce such as realtors, couriers and mobile sales teams. But any business can benefit from the service. According to a SendHub representative, the zero setup cost is attracting many small businesses. They are even providing their service to many schools and educational institutions.

Now a big limitation of the service is that it is not very useful to people living outside the US and Canada. Free calls are only to these two territories. Expansion to other countries is in the pipeline.

SendHub Apps

There are apps for Android and iOS, but not any App for BlackBerry and other platforms, which is quite a considerable limitation giving the number of business people using these two platforms.

Another major interface for the service is the web management pages. This interface allows you to control and manage your account with the addition or removal of phone lines, view and download analytics etc.

Bottom Line

SendHub is a new VoIP business model that has some interesting characteristics: the zero installation cost, the free unlimited calls and the ease and speed of setting up. It can be a very cost-effective solution for business, especially those having many mobile workers. Internal communication is free with the free calls within the service. However, apps are only available so far for Android and the iPhone, and only businesses in the US and Canada will find it useful.

Given these facts, SendHub compares favorably with other systems like Cisco/Nortel/Shortel/Avaya, which have high setup costs, long install waiting times, and requirement for IT support and training; RingCentral, which typically involves upfront costs for desk and conference phones, charges for every phone line, requires a contracts, a credit card to sign up and often requires hardware; Line2, which has no access on the Web, doesn’t offer enterprise features like: user management, call transfer, auto-attendant, attachments or CRM integration; and Google Voice, which does not offer user control or customer support and doesn’t offer enterprise features.

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