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Legal Issues

What are the legal facing VoIP? Learn more about the legality of VoIP and about the discussions taking place concerning legal issues regarding it.

The Federal Communications Commission
The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is an independent body which operates in the United States, and directly responsible to the US Congress. The role of the FCC is to regulate radio, television, wires, satellite and cable communicate within and between states of the US.

Voice Over IP Has FCC Ally
The question whether VOIP should be treated as a telephone service or an information service has implications for taxation as well as issues such as 911 emergency call services and wiretapping. FCC Chairman wants to push the technology unfettered by traditional communications rules.

Federal Government Wants Access for Phone Taps Made Easier
Should broadband Internet and voice-over-Internet Protocol services (VoIP), have to make their systems easier for the Federal Government to wiretap?

Could Your VoIP Phone Be Tapped?
Civil-liberties groups say the FCC's plans may pose a threat to your privacy and security.

VoIP Firms Don't Answer FCC's 911 Call
Looking to sign up with an Internet telephone company? Be careful about the one you pick. Many providers do not deliver enhanced 911 service, and some that fall into this group continue to sell to new customers in seeming violation of Federal Communications Commission rules.

Can Voice Over IP Stay Tax-Free?
Cheap phone service over the Internet has high-profile champions who say they'll keep the technology safe from regulation, even as several states consider taxing it.

How to Handle Missed Calls
How to Handle Missed Calls. What to do when you have a missed call isn't an easy task, but you also need to know how to do what you intend. It is a matter of ethics, courtesy, professional but also technology.

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