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How Can I Send Fax Using a Fax Modem?


Question: How Can I Send Fax Using a Fax Modem?
If you have a fax modem, you can send and receive fax messages without requiring a fax machine. You can do that using your computer. You can send softcopy (word processed) documents or scanned documents that you have saved on your computer in image or PDF format. You can use your fax modem with a fax software on your operating system.
Answer: Fax modems are not extraordinary machines. They are simple modems that have the functionality of sending and receiving fax. Most simple (although not all) modems we use for Internet connection and fax modems nowadays. So just make sure that the drivers for your fax modem are properly installed. If your computer runs on Windows XP (I am taking that operating system because it is the most popular one around, and because Windows Vista and Windows 7 take after it, such that the differences are minor), you can use the very popular and free Microsoft Fax software to send and receive fax. The Microsoft Fax software comes along with your Windows installation, so you require only some simple tweaks to get it running. You will need the following:

- A fax modem
- A telephone line
- Your Windows installation CD

You will need the latter because the Microsoft Fax module is not installed by default on your computer when you install Windows, so the your machine can ask you for your Windows XP installation CD when you request Windows to get the Microsoft Fax module set on your machine.

Once you have all these, follow Microsoft's support instructions to install the Microsoft Fax software and configure it. You are now ready to send and receive fax messages using your computer through your fax modem, without needing a fax machine. Besides this, there are numerous other advantages of sending and receiving fax through your computer.

Note that this sending fax using a fax modem will still be charged the normal rate. Cost is not reduced. If you want to reduce the cost of faxing, or make faxing completely free, consider VoIP Faxing:

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