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Mikogo - Webinar, Online Meeting, Collaboration and Tutoring Tool


Mikogo is a tool that allows you to hold webinars, online meetings, training and e-lessons. It allows you to share your screen among other features. It is free for non-commercial use and is reasonably priced for individual and business users who want full features and increased number of participants.


  • Free for non-commercial use, with up to 25 participants, including screen-sharing.
  • Offers many features.
  • Simple software that works on Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Participants join from a browser, without having to install anything.


  • No video calling or presentation.


Mikogo is quite easy to use. The software is clean and intuitive. The download file is small in size and installs without problem. The software opens as a small flat panel on your desktop, with a bunch of buttons for settings and session initiation.

Starting a session is very simple. You are given a 9-digit session code that you will give to your other hosts, who will then be able to see what you are doing and participate. You can share your screen with up to 10 other people. These people actually need to have something installed on their machines. The browser-only – no-install participation is only for web webinar participation for attendees, of which there can be up to 25 in each session.

Mikogo is free and even the paid business plans are not expensive. It does not give the most advanced webinar feartures, but it is a decent tool that fits the needs of most individual and commercial users. It is good for collaboration, especially with the screen-sharing feature. It can also be used for online tutoring and any other kind of online meeting.

The features of Mikogo include: screen sharing with multiple participants, ability to switch the presenter, scheduling meetings, recording of meetings and playback, whiteboard, file transfer, and many others.

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