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JoinMe – Free Screen Sharing, Conference, Webinar and Collaboration

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JoineMe is a very simple tool for collaborating online, especially through screen-sharing and file sharing. It works using your browser and can even work on the iPhone, iPad and Android phones. It shines by its simplicity and ease of use. Its main feature is screen-sharing. It also allows file sharing and other features for collaboration. JoinMe is also a decent free webinar and online meeting tool that allows up to 250 participants for free. It uses VoIP for the Internet calling in conferences and also allows chat.


  • Free screen-sharing and file sharing.
  • Free conferencing with up to 250 users.
  • Very easy to use, and browser-based.


  • No video calling.


Let’s see how easy it is. You are a presenter and want to start a session for inviting participants and share your desktop because you have things to show. There are two options: share and join. When you click on share, you will be asked to download a small application and install. Once you run the app, a small panel will show on your desktop with a handful of buttons for controlling your sessions. Each time you run it, a 9-digit number will be shown, which is your session ID. You can send this by any means to your participants, or you can email them, a feature which you have in the app itself.

To participate in the session, your friends will go to the join.me web page and enter the session ID they have been given before click enter. They are instantly given access to the session without having to download and install anything. It runs in the browser itself.

You can upgrade to a paid pro version with additional features like window sharing, unified audio and international conference lines, presenter swapping, meeting scheduler, meeting lock, user management and reporting. The paid version is $19 per month, but most users find satisfaction in the free version, as the features offered in the paid version are not really worth the upgrade. Unless there are features you badly need.

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