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ClickMeeting – Browser Based Online Meeting Tool Review


ClickMeeting offers more or less the same features and functionalities as the other professional web conferencing and online meetings tools on the market, but has a price that is more affordable. It makes use of VoIP and video conferencing technologies to allow users face-to-face communication, and gives other collaboration features for effective and efficient sharing. It allows you to re-brand the tool so that it appears to the user as you want it to, with your logo. It also has a cool instant translation tool.

On the down side, ClickMeeting lacks some features, like Outlook integration. This means that you often need to manually select and send invitations to your participants.


ClickMeeting has all the necessary features required for good online meetings. They are:

VoIP and video conferencing. Voice over IP allows you to have decent conversations over the net with your contacts over the world. Geographical location is no longer a problem, even when it comes to paying phone bills. VoIP makes calls much easier, if not free. Video conferencing allows reasonable quality videos. Both audio and video conferencing sessions can be recorded and shared later on for people who could not make it to the meeting or for the archives.

Collaboration tools. Desktop sharing and whiteboard help collaboration. With the toggling between users, one user can take control over the mouse and keyboard of another user for better collaboration. This tool can therefore also be used as a basic online learning and training tool. Browsers can also be shared for collective surfing.

Instant chat translation. This is a feature that no other products of its kind offers. While communicating with someone from another country in a language that you do not understand, the tool can instantly translate the chat text into English or any other language you like. This way, language no longer stands as a barrier. You can choose between 52 languages.

Rebranding. You can make great impression on your potential or existing clients by having your company name and logo displayed on the interface of the tool. You can also customize the look and feel and make it the way you want. Some templates are provided.

Other features. These include social media sharing, moderate and private chat, polling and FAQ sessions, Facebook app, statistics and mobile apps. You can access your meetings using portable devices including iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), Android devices and BlackBerry smartphones.

There is no need for participants to download and install any apps to be able to pariticpate in meetings and use the different tools. It runs well in browsers. This is good for marketing. The host however has to install an app, especially for desktop sharing.

ClickMeeting lacks some security features, compared to other products. It only has specific application control and no encryption of data. It also does not have toll free calling. This allows them to keep their cost down. However, since it uses VoIP fully, the cheap cost that results in communication should make it easier to have people from abroad calling and doing without a toll-free line.

The Cost

ClickMeeting offers 30 days free trial. There is no free plan. The cheapest plan is at $10 per month, which is relatively quite cheap, but only 5 participants can attend a meeting. You can have 10-participant meetings with one of the free online meeting tools so this plan is not very interesting. For $30 per month, you can accommodate up to 25 participants per meeting. For $40 per month, you can host webinars and accommodate up to 50 participants. More participants can be accommodaed, up to a thousand, but with a heavier price tag.

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