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Top Bluetooth Headsets


Bluetooth headsets give you the advantage of not using any of your hands while talking on the phone and while listening to media using your computer or smartphone. It also has the great convenience of not using wires. Here is a list of the top Bluetooth headsets around. Don’t be strict on the ranking. One might suit you best than the other independent on the position in the list. What matters is what you need.

1. Jawbone Era

Black Streak Era by Jawbone
Photo © Jawbone
The Aliph Jawbone Era is the most sophisticated Bluetooth headset on the market. The physical design is unique but what’s inside is more impressive. It has great noise cancelling function and also carries motion sensor. So you communicate to the headset by touching and shaking. You also have voice announcements and automatic volume control, all this with great battery autonomy.

2. Plantronics M100

The Plantronics M100 is very comfortable to the ear. It is light in itself and has fittings that create the ergonomic shape. It has a long battery life, with up to 6 hours of talk time, good audio quality and is convenient in many ways. It pairs up easily with other devices. Also, it is considerably lower in the price range.
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3. Samsung HM3600

Samsung HM3600 headset looks very nice with two colors. It is also relatively cheap, with current deals offering it for half the price of the expensive models on this list. It offers a voice prompt-based interface for interaction, good sound quality and a comfortable fit. There is no music streaming but for this price, you will be happy with this model.
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4. Motorola CommandOne

Motorola CommandOne is a very comfortable Bluetooth headset, with very good voice quality. It supports A2DP streaming. It also has a solid build. It has a lower price tag and this makes it a good choice.
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5. BlueAnt Q2

BlueAnt Q2 has excellent voice control and a very comfortable fit. It also offers Android and BlackBerry integration. The sound is clear and crisp. It supports streaming and voice recognition. Pairing is done easily. It has four and a half hours of battery talking time. The price tag is quite high, but it is worth the cash.
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6. Jawbone Icon HD + the Nerd

Jawbone Icon HD + the Nerd is another great product from Jawbone also it keeps the expensive price tag. It has a very nice design and offers good sound quality. It can run several applications, and being a Jawbone product, it can access MyTALK and get software updates there.
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7. Motorola Finiti

Motorola Finiti is relatively cheap but offers great performance for the price. It has a three-microphone audio system for noise and wind cancellation. It offers one of the best noise cancellation solutions among Bluetooth headset models. The calls are close, clear and natural. It has a very comfortable fit due to its very ergonomic earbud design.
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8. Jabra EasyGo

Jabra EasyGo is the Bluetooth headset for you if you are looking for something cheap, good and that just works fine. You won’t get all the bells and whistles that other models carry, but it is cheap. However, it is easy to operate with some decent voice quality.
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9. Plantronics Voyager Pro+

Plantronics Voyager Pro+ is quite large but is very comfortable to wear. It offers HD voice and has the Smart Sensor technology that makes it a better and more convenient hands free tool. It supports A2DP audio streaming and has a good battery life. It has buttons and controls that are easy to manage.
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10. SuperTooth HD

SuperTooth HD is more for those wanting to use a Bluetooth headset in the car. It is gives loud voice and has good voice recognition. It supports email, sms, Facebook and Twitter updates via voice input. The physical design is not small, but it stands well in a car, with good support magnets. It also offers good noise cancelling. What is more impressive with this model is the talk time: up to 20 hours, and over a month of standby time. The price is quite high though, understandably so.
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