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Skype Changes From P2P to Client-Server Model - Voice Over IP
Skype has been using P2P to channel text, voice and video over the Internet since it was created. Now it is ditching P2P for a more conventional client-server  ...
What is P2P? - Voice Over IP - About.com
P2P transfer is faster because P2P does not need a server to share files and data . P2P is very popular for file sharing. Software applications like Kazaa use P2P ...
What Is Peer to Peer (P2P) File Sharing - Networking - About.com
P2P is a standard approach to network design that eliminates the need for dedicated servers. P2P is an alternative to client-server network design. P2P is also a ...
Peer to Peer Networking Essentials - About.com
Technically, many P2P networks (including the original Napster ) are not pure peer networks but rather hybrid designs as they utilize central servers for some ...
Peer to Peer File Sharing - P2P Networking
Peer-to-peer (P2P) networking eliminates the need for central servers, allowing all computers to communicate and share resources as equals. Music file sharing  ...
Overnet /eDonkey P2P File Sharing Client - Networking - About.com
2. eDonkey (registration server-based P2P). Default Network Ports: TCP port 4661 to connect to the eDonkey server. TCP port 4662 to connect with other clients
Overview of P2P Applications and Networks - Networking - About.com
Learn more about P2P applications and the P2P networks they run on. ... computers in the system can act as both clients and servers; the software is easy to use ...
Introduction to Network File Sharing - Networking - About.com
Unlike FTP, most P2P file sharing systems do not use any central servers but instead allow all computers on the network to function both as a client and a server.
Torrent Tracker - What Is a Bit Torrent Tracker?
Answer: A Bit Torrent tracker centrally coordinates the P2P transfer of files among users. BitTorrent trackers are software server "toolkit" applications that typically ...
Peer Guardian and Peer Guardian 2 in P2P Networking
Peer Guardian and PeerGuardian 2 P2P Software. By Bradley ... Secondly, Peer Guardian may prevent outcoming connections to fake P2P servers. The Peer ...
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