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Skype Connect - Skype's IP-PBX Business VoIP Service
If your business already runs an IP-PBX, you could use Skype Connect as a VoIP solution to ... Your PBX should be directly accessible through that IP address.
Functions of a PBX - Main Technical Roles - Voice Over IP - About.com
PBX - A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a switch station for telephone systems . It consists mainly of several branches of telephone systems and it switches ...
What is PBX - Private Branch Exchange - Voice Over IP - About.com
Users inside a PBX share outside lines which they use to make phone calls external to the PBX. A PBX specifically made for VoIP is called an IP-PBX. Asterisk is ...
What is The Difference Between VoIP and IP Telephony?
An IP Telephony system can, for example, be an IP-PBX, which has VoIP and its standards (SIP, H.323 etc.) along with many other things (e.g. CRM), geared ...
What is a Hosted PBX - Voice Over IP - About.com
A PBX is the hardware and software bundle that stands as a switchboard for a company's telephony system. A traditional PBX, even an IP PBX, requires a whole ...
Apps for SIP Service on Android - Voice Over IP - About.com
It is better suited for business people, and works well for VoIP calls via IP PBXs. So using this for business gets you the power of your PBX. It is relatively light ...
Features of a Hosted PBX - Voice Over IP - About.com
A hosted PBX has many advantages over an on-premise owned PBX. Among the advantages are the numerous features that give it its value as a preferred ...
BlackBerry SIP Software - Voice Over IP - About.com
... on VoIP calls and take maximum advantage of the fixed-mobile convergence. The application requires SIP configuration with an IP PBX or a Wi-Fi connection.
Why Choose Hosted PBX - Voice Over IP - About.com
Why prefer hosted PBX over on-premise PBX? Here are the benefits of paying for a hosted service rather than having an owned system.
X-Lite Review - Voice Over IP - About.com
So, to use it for voice and video calls, one must have a SIP account with VoIP service provider or have it configured within an IP PBX system for internal ...
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