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Nadeem Unuth

Nadeem Unuth

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Nadeem is an ICT enthusiast, specializing in technical writing, software development and wireless networking. He has been a lecturer on various computer-related subjects since 2001. He is also very conversant with latest technologies, including IP telephony. He is currently doing post-graduate research in VoIP over wireless LANs.


Nadeem carries nearly 10 years experience in software development, both professionally and as a freelancer. He now teaches computer science. He also has wide freelance experience in different fields of activity, including writing technical articles and tutorials, technical document translation, and other non-technical work.


Nadeem holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering and is now working towards an MPhil in Wireless Technologies. Although Nadeem's formal education is IT-related, he has a very strong cultural and linguistic background.

By Nadeem Unuth:

VoIP is a technology that is becoming more and more popular, as it spices up the lives of many Internet and phone users over the world by breaking many barriers. Besides, it allows communicators to save lots of money. Through this site, I try to bring you relevant, up-to-date and concise information on VoIP, with articles, features, tips and other resources. I love to see your comments. Your contributions are most welcome too.

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